Sunday, July 23, 2017

Young Bigfoot Gets Brave and Stands Out In Open

Robert Dodson chases after a young bigfoot that he caught standing outside his building when he came out. This particular one seems to be losing it's fear of Dodson. Check it out:


  1. MMC and Vegasthedog: 2 of the more violent bigfooters

  2. Damn, if this doesn't prove bigfoot exists, I don't know what would. Excellent shot of that young bigfoot and you are holding the camera steady as a rock. I could make out every last detail of the little booger. Way to go, Robert! Excellent research.

  3. Awesome! At the 12:04 mark, I swore I saw a gnat move across the screen to the left. Earlier, I saw several leaves moving in the wind, trees, clouds, grass and a tarp. The tarp was Blue!

  4. Well if I wanted to waste 12 minutes of my life hearing Wilford Brimley yap away I came to the right place.
    What to do if a bigfoot is standing outside your building
    1. run inside to get the camera
    2. make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
    3. get naked
    4. bend over and get ready for the big surprise

  5. At what point do we see it "stand out in the open"?

    1. at what point do we see any evidence from you doc squat ?

    2. Afraid of the truth doc ? You lash out at all who question you . Everyone around here knows you are the biggest fraud and troll around