Strange Sightings of Bigfoot Swimming

On rare occasions, people report sightings of bigfoot creatures swimming. There are storie of it all over the United States even though they are rare.


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    1. Bigfoot exists, it's just totally different than what folks think it is. These kind of reports attest to that.

  2. "ALL SUPERFRIENDS BUY MY NEW BOOK, 'Born Dumb"-Joe Fitsgerald

  3. Yes, I will Buy book now!


  4. You know, the physician's assistant Squat has several pictures of bigfoot swimming. He also has several photographs of mermaids. They look like blurry shrubs or garden rocks but he has the kaboom, proof....poopy-poopy-poob. Blama-lama-ding-dong!

  5. Sasquatches must be able to swim short distances; otherwise, they couldn't get to and from Vancouver Island where they are often heard and periodically seen.

  6. Squatches must also be able to swim very long distances to get to some of the places in which they are claimed to be seen...Australia, Great Britain, Japan. How is it possible ?


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