Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Campers Have Strange Activity Believed to be Squatch!

Barbara Shupe and company kicked off their first outing of 2017 with a bang. Several members of the camp reported some strange occurrences of the bigfoot kind.


  1. "Campers Have Strange Activity Believed to be Squatch!"

    LOL - was there any doubt that there wouldn't be?

  2. Barbara S,-there are no blue bags in her area!


    Stewarts mother reports strange sounds and smells coming from the family basement. HIs parole officer and swat are suiting up in hazmat suits in the kitchen at this time. There have been reports of responders projectile vomiting and someone has been heard yelling "what is that hideous thing!" from inside the residence.

    We will update as things continue to develop.

  4. These nimrods have encounters everywhere they go. they are the worst bunch of bigfooters out there, they have no credibility whats so ever, its comical , If they ever had a real encounter they would all crap their pants and probly would never go camping again...LOL