Friday, April 7, 2017

"It Exists..." An Awesome Short Documentary on Skunk Apes

“It exists…” A short-form documentary on South Florida's strangest bipedal resident, as told by the rare few who claim they've encountered the creature. At over 1.5 million acres, the 'Glades are the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi, with thousands of acres untouched by man. If indeed something this strange could exist, it would surely be here. Produced by Curator Pictures.


  1. It doesn't exist until someone produces a body.

    1. Do comets exist? Can't produce one of those either. There are things we can observe, but cannot produce.

    2. DS, your comparison is flawed. Sightings of comets is a predictable, repeatedly observable phenomenon. Astronomers can tell you when and where to look in the night sky, and anyone so inclined can observe a comet.

      Ask five professional astronomers when and where a specific comet can be observed, and you will receive five identical answers, all of which are correct. Ask five "professional" Bigfoot researchers when and where you can see a Bigfoot, and you will receive five different answers, all of which are wrong.

  2. I've met Shealy, and I believe he believes he has seen a Bigfoot. However, I also believe he faked the film he took and he faked other sightings in the area. He did tell me that he owns a Bigfoot costume.

    I do not believe in anything Scott Marlowe says. He is and has been for some time, extremely obese and is unable to walk for more than a very short distance. Not sure about the others.

    The story of the Seminoles and Miccosukee is not a happy one. They own casinos, motels and restaurants, and make a lot leasing hunting lands to wealthy anglos. Most of them are now quite wealthy, but few of them have jobs or do much of anything. Most are sedentary and obese.