Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Breakdown Video Finding Bigfoot Bobo Pennsylvania Bigfoot Photo

The latest bigfoot image to hit the Internet has worked its way to Parabreakdown. Have a look and see what he thinks about this photo of a possible bigfoot in Pennsylvania.


  1. It's not bigfoot because his flying dinosaur and dogman aren't with him. :)


  2. Nice bear ass... expert bobo...


    1. don`t say you expected anything else

  3. Again I ask: Where is the video?

    All modern trail cameras can take video, and with extremely high capacity camera cards so cheap and plentiful, there's no reason not to. At the bare minimum most cameras take multiple images for every motion detection event.

    So where are the other images for this supposed "bigfoot"? Why haven't they been released?

    Because additional images or video would clearly show this is nothing more than a bear. The person submitting this image knew that, and so cherry picked this one image that looks the most ambiguous (though still obviously a bear) out of the lot to submit as "evidence" of bigfoot.

    This is why images, especially single images, are not evidence. They are worthless.

    Nothing less that a specimen will suffice.