Monday, August 8, 2016

Utah Sasquatch Shows Guests A Bigfoot Wallow

Utah Sasquatch says finding bigfoot is easy. Does this video prove him right? He invites skeptics to try and debunk it.


  1. The F*ck did he say, another piece of bigfoot evidence in his neighbors back yard. I am going to have to agree with his neighbors statement of homeless people living in their back yard.

    1. He doesn't even have any pics of the homeless people!!

      Don't get me wrong, I hope he eventually does, but for right now, he's still a newbie!

    2. How long is Utah Sasquatch going to talk about bigfoot without ever showing a bigfoot image?

      How much money are people going to send to Utah Sasquatch without him ever showing an image of a bigfoot?

      The absurdity seems boundless. Pages of little personal arguments back and forth while carefully stepping around any actual evidence offered in this place.

      The followers of Utah Sasquatch didn't like something Anthony Moffett said and literally ran him off YouTube. Anthony had actual bigfoot in his videos.

      The conclusion is inescapable. People are stupid. Period full stop.

    3. It is funny watching a con man at work though.

    4. most so called researchers are con men and the doc is one of the biggest ones
      His evidence is laughable

    5. Gotta give some respect, Utah Sasquatch figured out to not buy a FLIR. That was a huge pitfall and he just avoided it so the funds will go towards a killer conventional 4K camera.



      Yeah, i don't have any proof, let's see what you guys have.


    7. what a pile of rubbish
      I'll show you my hidden monkey of you show me yours doc
      Kaboom !


  2. Hey Doc Squatch how about another essay meltdown like the ones you did on the glyph article. That was hilarious.

    Seriously, what do you have in the way of proof? Why is it that all you Bigfoot researchers come up with is "evidence."

    Evidence so called has been around for over half a century, and yet there is still no more proof that sasquatches exist than there was then.

    There is proof, however, that a lot of bigfoot hoaxing is going on.

    Bigfoot is a multi-million dollar industry. As long as there is money to be made, people will drum up "evidence" and get people to buy into it.

    Is it really feasible that thousands of 800 lb 6-9 feet tall bipedal primates are roaming North America and are entirely unknown to science?

    Is it really feasible that people have known about the Bigfoot phenomenon for decades (some would say centuries based on unsubstantiated stories) and that not one shred of undeniable proof has been put forth?

    Could it be that bigfoot is nothing more than folklore?

    Cue Iktomi with the cut and paste jobs.

    1. Could it be that bigfoot is nothing more than folklore?

      Is that a trick question?
      I can answer that one for you. Uh yeah, bigfoot is nothing more than folklore.

    2. Christ on a bike, the anon meltdown continues...

      Sorry chump, but as has been requested of you almost a million times already, quotation marks don't get around to demonstrating your ideas have substance. In fact, the more you come here and fail to substantiate your ideas, the more one of two scenarios is likely.
      1. You are too dense.
      2. Your ideas are not as obvious as you would prefer.

      ... Either scenario doesn't look too pretty for you. Also, science isn't a freethinking entity that makes it's mind up and has an opinion. It's a tool that's been used to study and measure the frequency of evidence to which wouldn't be there if the creature in question was "unknown to science". For example...

      "Measurements and estimates on Sasquatch dimensions, collected over the last 40 years in the Western U.S and Canada, were subjected to statistical analysis and extrapolation by scaling laws appropriate to primates and mammals. The study has yielded average population values for foot length and width, scaling factors of foot length to height, values for weight, plantar pressure, walking and running gait, speed, and a tentative growth curve as a function of time for the female of the species. The results suggest a substantial population with traits different from those of other higher primates and humans."

      For things like this, we can deduce average heights which fall in the region of 7-8 feet tall. And there is no reason to think that these tracks are ALL fake, because there is forensic data in them that can't be hoaxed. And yes, it is possible that for the length of time that people have actually been looking for Sasquatch, that there is not definitive proof yet, because there is yet to be one single consorted effort to track the Sasquatch (not that this is what I would like, I think they should be left alone). And considering that this hasn't happened, there is still three times the evidence at this stage than the Bili Ape had, for the efforts of amateur researchers in the woods applying their efforts.

    3. neither does your brain makes sense......^

    4. If that's your comeback for such alleged nonsense, what does that say?

    5. And your proof is where?

  3. What happened to the Utah expedition with all those people??


    1. They didn't see a bigfoot. Shocking, I know.

  4. folklore does leave tracks when it receives a bit of help and when people don't know what they are looking at.
    A sucker is born every minute. Interesting to see the hucksters making money off a mythical creature.