Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Something's Coming From Florida Bigfoot Team

Something big is coming from the Trail To Bigfoot team in Florida. But we have no idea what it is...


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    1. That broken little tooth pick. No thanks.

  2. Look.

    For first 5 - 6 first months of my Research, I found nothing. But the last 2 - 3 months as I began to notice my chickens are carry from the stable my intuition tells me that its Bigfoot who carry the chickens away.

    My relatives are strongly opposed to this but
    If all people will just wait some more week for their amount of evidence only 2 more weeks will make it happen.

    So I will have in nearest future very dangerous and very strong enemies.
    Only God can defend me from them.

    1. ^ AC collins,dude you need to check into rehab,before you Wreck yo self!!

    2. OK!

      I suggest to make an open discussion about my Research in skype and it will be clear to everybody the level of my evidence.

    3. Here it is again:

      On public interviews very often the famous bigfoot Researchers tell what they want as most of the people. In the most cases it is not true.
      In the most cases they do not reach the greatest results.
      In the cases when they are speaking where is true evidence I ask?

    4. This place really attracts some retards.

  3. The video above shows Turkey's and a spider web...PATHETIC! Why would you waste people's time Matt K, PLEASE RESPOND!


  4. A big o pile of crapola will be coming from them!

  5. Buzzards? Yep. We got 'em. Turkeys? Check and double check. Spiders? Ditto. Bigfoots? Ummm... cue the Squatches. I said, CUE THE SQUATCHES!