This Dogman Encounter Is Sure To Freak You Out

Something about a werewolf looking creature, with a long, snake-like tongue, just really creeps me out. Check out this episode from Brenton Sawin's Mysteries To Search:

Jake has had two encounters with the scary Dogman in west Virginia. The first sighting with this werewolf looking beast was while fishing and the second was while coming home. The odd thing about this encounter was the monster was close to his home both times and had a tongue motion as if it was tasting the air. This detail came out by accident kind of because Jake seemed to not want to tell this part thinking it was nothing. I thought it was very interesting but just come hear the story yourself and you decide what to make of it.


  1. Replies
    1. I think by now it's well established that 1am is definitely Bigfoot Evidence's Dogman hour.

    2. The only thing "Well Established" Jotomi ,is the fact that your empty scrotum flaps in the breeze!!!
      AC collins

  2. Whats the matter AC Collins = Anonymous Did Iktomi hit a nerve???
    The only thing that flaps in a breeze is your empty puffy head, grow a brain!

  3. I would watch this video, but I am certain, at the end, I would want the hour of my life back.

  4. The man didn't seem to embellish the story at all. He seemed genuine. Notice his breathing changed when talked about home. Genuine fear change.

  5. Rubbish as always.

    Only Joe listens to these lengthy video accounts as he has nothing going on for him in real life.So,he needs to fill the lonely hours with what to him is "company" and these video voices fulfill that desperate need for him.Sad but true.

  6. I live in Hancock County and am very interested in the sightings. I teach a cryptozoology class and study this phenomena.


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