Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Closer Look At The Baby Bigfoot In Massachusetts Video

Youtube user Tri diver takes a look at a piece of bigfoot footage from Massachusetts, and finds an interesting anomaly. Check it out:


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    1. Would any of you blokes fancy taking a closer look at my "baby bigfoot"?

  2. That looks like something to me. Possible upright figure pretty much just as described by the analyst. Not enough detail to get past "possible" though.

    I've been thinking about this schema of analysts reviewing video captured by a field researcher and decided to try something different.

    Better, I think, to find BF in random tourist/camper/trekker videos that are unrelated to BF and have no BF related comments. It eliminates the whole hoax argument, mostly, and you don't have to deal with diva BF field researchers.

    Here is a "probable" I found in a tourist video:


    It was done using logic, premiere pro and my armchair. Commence hissy fit in three... two... one... boom.

    Why release it here? Well this is obviously the least reputable bigfoot website on the entire internet, so perfect place right?

  3. in Massachusetts - they be them Pukwudgies

  4. Do the Massachusetts bigfoot not pronounce the letter R in words?

    Massachusetts bigfoot: I ran across the yaaad not to faaa from the caaa.

  5. It is more than likely a hoax but to say that no hoaxer would think someone would analyze it is ridiculous. Any hoaxer knows that there are dozens of people who scrutinize this stuff.