Saturday, May 7, 2016

Elusive Jackalope Spotted In Wisconsin

That's right, the ever elusive jackalope has been spotted in Wisconsin. A young boy was watching birds out of his window when he spotted the creature.

Clark, whose last name was omitted due to the journalistic ethics code relating the age of a witness, told Cryptozoology News that he was in his house looking through the window when he noticed the unidentified creature.

“I was watching the birds in my backyard,” said the 8-year-old. “I saw something strange on the hill hopping across, as looking out, it quickly escaped into the grass,” he added about last year’s alleged summer encounter.

The child described it as a gray rabbit-like creature with shorter ears and “stubby horns”.

“It also had tusks,” he said, adding that the animal had bright yellow eyes. “I saw it for about a minute. I went to check and there were chewed leaves and an odd smell.”

For the full article, click here. 


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    1. ^ what a pathetic remark ... from a particularly pathetic person .

    2. Can't do a thing about it^

    3. ^ Desperately trying to oust the deniers .

      But can`t do anything about it.


    4. Joe is showing signs of really being beside himself with worry these days.

      No matter how hard he tries he can`t rid himself of the voices of reason clanging around deep inside his head...and he always showed such promise in the boy-scouts.

  2. I think Ben Dover and Itkomi are going to pound town.

  3. Some BASTARD stapled antlers to a bunny and took a photo of it!

  4. Now I get it. Every post on this blog is satirical. That makes sense.