Sunday, March 13, 2016

Police Confiscate Guns From Bigfoot Believer

One of the most heated debates in politics is gun rights. Now that debate has moved over into the realm of cryptids and ufo's. A man who is outspoken in his beliefs about bigfoot, ufo's and government conspiracies, recently had his guns confiscated by the police, even though no crimes had been committed. 

Police confiscated firearms from 74-year-old Ralph Gilbertsen, although he is not a felon or domestic abuser, and he has never been ruled dangerous to others because of mental illness.

Gilbertsen, who lives in Richfield, Minnesota, believes in Bigfoot and UFOs. And while he does receive treatment for a “mild” mental health disorder, the Star Tribune reports that a psychologist sent a letter to the judge in the case, stating that “Gilbertsen is compliant with his medications and poses no danger to himself or others.”

A former Marine, Gilbertsen is also a concealed carry permit holder, which means he passed the in-depth background check required to obtain such permit, and he was the proud owner of three handguns, until the police knocked on his door.

He came to the attention of authorities after individuals at his apartment complex reported that he constantly talks about the government watching him; he particularly voices concerns that the CIA is spying on him. The Hennepin Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies (COPE) called police about Gilbertsen after his apartment managers expressed concern about a series of letters he had written on CIA spying. COPE handles roughly 13,000 cases–only a third of which are face-to-face–and they asked police to escort them to Gilbertsen’s apartment in 2015. His guns were subsequently confiscated.

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    1. Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
      Oh, what can it mean.
      To a Bigfoot believer
      And a homecoming queen.

    2. bigfoot has never, and will never exist. AHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    3. Unfortunately, there's forensic evidence to show that something with the same anatomy as what's reported, is leaving it's sign on the environment.

      That fake laugh is a little creepy.

    4. Hey...what day is it ? oh yeah that`s right,today is my turn to believe.

      Of course bigfoot is real...the question being "what is reality" ?

      Is it not true that among the various peoples of the tribes some believe it is real while others believe it is a supernatural being ? I read long ago that they say there are 4 types of Sasquatch,some being more peaceful than others...would it be that the "type" is dependent on where it is within the Americas ? Just posing a thought.

      It always annoys me when interpretations of what the tribes-peoples believe are attributed to them by outsiders as if they are stupid and backwards...a kind of "they`re just primitive and have no grasp of reality" style comments...such foolish arrogance.

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    1. the piece of hogwash that is always bandied about in times of spurious troubles and only applies to the upper echelons of "society"

  3. People can't mind their own business anymore!

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