Sunday, March 13, 2016

Elk Hunters Capture Bigfoot In HD Video Review

The following footage was captured and posted originally by a couple guys who have their own outdoor video series. They were apparently elk hunting at the time, when something caught their attention. The video has been highly debated; some believe it shows a bigfoot, others believe it was just a publicity stunt. The Paranormal Review takes a look:


  1. Replies
    1. Who are these weasels who take other people's footage and repost it under the guise of fair use?

      You can't use their whole video. You don't even give them credit. That's other peoples's hard work. Guess what's going to happen to your channel?

    2. 12:02- you really need to get out of your basement dahling


  2. My word. This was shown to be a hoax ages ago.

    1. At 4:38 the guy is having difficulty trying not to laugh it seems.

    2. There's a breakdown of this and the "Bigfoot" is a guy in a hoody and a mask.