These True Stories Of Scary Bigfoot Encounters Will Leave You Up At Night

From Brenton Sawin's Mysteries To Search:

Bigfoot stories that are not so friendly. The first Sasquatch encounter is scary and sent a message to the humans or dogs? The second stories was several Bigfoot creatures that spoiled the party. The third is a seriously traumatic Bigfoot encounter that leads to a sad story.



    Sir, we have a bit of a snafu concerning your plans for the first annual tree knocking contest. The National Arbor Day Foundation called and are vigorously opposed to the beating on trees. They threaten legal action if we should proceed. Please advise. Thank you.

    1. It is even worse than you think. Dr. Johnson is hosting a tree banging contest, not a tree knocking contest. The process of boring an orifice into a tree and filling it with man-naise frequently kills it.

    2. The National Arbor Day Foundation is going to be VERY unhappy to hear this!

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  3. I don't trust people from Kentucky. They call it the Bluegrass State.

    Sorry, but the grass there is green just like everywhere else. If you don't even know what color the grass is, how am I supposed to believe you saw a Bigfoot?

    1. Anyone proud of their bluegrass music can't be right in the head.


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