Friday, December 18, 2015

Researcher Captures Video Of Bigfoot Cave In Secret Hot Spot

From the SquatchMaster:

It seems few (if any) people in the Bigfoot World really bother to do research into what this "creature" could be. Most just blindly go by a blurry,out of focus 45 year old film made by a man who admittedly was working on a Bigfoot documentary but was unable to finish it so he just sold the film clip to theaters for viewing. Bigfoot has been portrayed as a giant ape monster...mostly to be told as stories to frighten each other while sitting around campfires as entertainment. Many major companies use Bigfoot to sell their products. Fact is, with actual known evidence associated with Bigfoot Research, it points to something other than a giant scary ape creature.

Real research is eliminating non facts until the true facts can be reasonably assumed.

Some people believe Bigfoot to be some type of human ancestor,as do I.

Some believe it to be a secret government experiment...

It is this theory that I shall be researching into until I can either confirm or debunk it since several key pieces of that thinking do (or did) exist here.


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  2. This is the STAR WARS movie you are looking for


  3. Hans solo dies. Killed by his son.

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    1. sumbitch bigfeets been heers takin me chickins and hawgs fer yeers

    2. plants ,,make better freinds than people and or sheep!!

  5. I believe that anyone calling themselves the Squatchmaster is a Turd!!!!!