Saturday, December 5, 2015

Check Out These True Scary Stories Of Bigfoot Encounters

Youtuber Darkness Prevails shares three creepy bigfoot stories of true sightings and encounters. I'm pretty certain that if any of these happened to me, it would be difficult to go to sleep. The idea of the third story especially creeps me out.


  1. Give me that Joerg love baby!

  2. The fact of the matter, is that every single one of Mark Anders Bigfoot videos looks 100 percent better than the patty footage. They are clear and even as fakes in my opinion, they are pretty amazing looking. Yet why do you not speak of them more Joe? I mean they do look incredible compared to any other "monkey suit" that is for sale online, and they obviously cost a pretty penny to make. So my question is, if you concede that these are suits and Anders is just putting up hoaxed videos, where is he getting these amazing suits? If Anders's submitters can get there hands on that quality of suits, then it does leave a whole in the "got monkey suit" hypothesis. As these suits look amazing.

    Yet i never hear them talked about. Not be you Joe, or by anyone on this forum or others for that matter. Sometimes they are mentioned in passing, or a new story comes up here on this site, but its so rare, its not really worth noting. Yet Anders is steadily getting these new videos. And its obvious in the vids that they arent using the same monkey suit over and over. Some have breasts, some show great detail, some seem fat, some have genitalia, some have been huge, some small, and even one of a supposed baby bigfoot. Which in my opinino really didnt look authentic. Yet, it did look better than most monkey suits. There have been a few of Anders vids that looked horrible, but the vast majority have been amazing as far as suit quality.

    And im not trolling, i legitimately would like to know why this isnt mentioned more on bigfoot sites. I mean if you havent checked out his vids from the last few years, please do so. I mean assuming these are all suits, then where is he getting them from, and where is the large amount of money coming from to make them? Who is doing the makeup? etc. And why can't anyone other than him come up suits that look this good. I mean i am assuming they are fake, because i dont think they exist, but on most of them, i cant find anything that looks fake. As i said, they look better than the patterson footage, far better and more realistic in my opinion.

    1. One look at Mark Anders’ YouTube channel trailer, will show you that he is a master of CGI and Photoshop effects;