Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Man Jumps In Water To Save Bear From Drowning

We're just now hearing about this story for whatever reason. The Internet has no time limit on viral and unique stories, so we thought we would pass it on. In a series of events that started out with a bear raiding a garbage can, a man ended up diving into the ocean to rescue said bear from drowning. What a day that must have been.
Florida Fish and Wildlife officers had to get a 375 pound bear out of a populated area in Alligator Point.

"I'm the guy that darted the bear." Said, Ron Copley, an FWCTechnician. "We thought it was going to be simple, that he was going to go lay down in the bushes and we would just pick him up." Instead the tranquilized bear wandered into Alligator Bay.

Moments later, FWC biologist Adam Warwick went in.

Warwick said, "He reared up on his hind legs like you'd see in a movie, just out of the water and he fell straight back--just a hug splash. He went under for about two or three seconds." To keep the bear from drowning, Warwick grabbed the bear by its neck to lift its head out of the water. That's when he says he realized he had to use the strength in his 200 pound body to carry the animal.

"I walked him--from the time I grabbed hold of him, I guess it was about 30 yards into shore." Said, Warrick.

One of Warrick friends, Malcom "Mo" Strickland, said, "I know Adam's dedicated to his job but I wouldn't have done it." Warwick says he realizes not many other people would've done that. When asked if he considers himself a hero, he said, "No, I would say more crazy."

For more photos, click here.


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