Sunday, October 18, 2015

California Man Takes Photos Of Pterodactyl And Alien Entity

The 4 legged "alien entity"

A man from California claims the above photo shows an alien entity that he was able to photograph outside his home. He also has a photo of what he claims to be a pterodactyl-like creature. According to the man he witnesses all kinds of strange and mysterious beings all the time. Is this guy a lightning rod for the paranormal and unexplained? reports:

Calif. — A man said on Monday he was able to capture the images of a “prehistoric bird” and an “alien entity” in the skies of southern California.

C. Wilson, who didn’t reveal his exact location in the Golden State, says he spots different anomalies, including what he believes to be creatures, almost every month.

“It is difficult to see these objects when going several thousand miles per second,” he told Cryptozoology News. “For some reason they engage me.”

He explained that he also sees “red orbs” regularly and that different species of animals appear to accompany the unidentified objects.

“The red orb follows me with one turkey vulture that always hangs with it, the chrome orb has 33 seagulls that hang with it, and the Blue Orb has 9 red tail hawks that hang with it, the flying rods are intelligent and are not rods at all.”

Two of his latest images, claims Wilson, were taken last week just outside his home.
The "pterodactyl-like" creature

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    1. What a joke you are Joeseph. My question is, why haven't you brought up the very recent Yeti De Bourganeuf scandal?? Why is that joe? Could it be because it embarrasses you, and has now made you look like a fool.

      You have stated before that you thought the Yeti de bourganeuf was likely a real creature, and that it looked so realistic. And now its creator has come forward after all these years and said it was a fake, and showed how he made it. What do you have to say now Joeseph?

      This is the same thing that will happen with Gimlin. Eventually the truth will come out, and when it does, what will you say? Will you agree to leave the bigfoot world then? You have stated emphatically the Patterson footage couldn't be faked, and that its a real animal. Your primary argument against a suit, is that material wasn't available to make such a suit back then (extended prosthetics, etc). Yet you were fooled by the Yeti de bourganeuf, and that hoax has been around just as long.

      My main question to you Joseph, is what will you do when it all falls apart? When the Patterson film crumbles, what then? That footage is the foundation of bigfootery. Sure you can talk about dermals and hairs, but your centerpiece in the argument, will have been dismantled. Just as the Yeti de bourganeuf has recently fallen. So what will you do Joeseph? One by one, the best pieces of evidence that you hold so dear are crumbling.

      For over a year, you constantly used your "sykes is coming" line over and over again. Yet Sykes came and sykes went, and he proved nothing. In fact, he rather made a fool of himself with his bear DNA debacle. So sykes is now in the dust, when he used to be one of your frontrunners.

      The next few bits of evidence down will be the Freeman footage, followed by the Patterson footage.

      I rarely stop by anymore, but I have to admit I am quite happy that the trolls have for the most part gotten rid of you and your rag tag group of amigos. The comment sections are down to nothing, which disappoints me, but on the up side, they have all but gotten rid of you Joeseph. I applaud the trolls for that.

      Your world and your little bigfoot bubble are crumbling Joeseph. Its sad in a way to watch you meltdown and fall apart, but its inevitable. Your time is running short Joeseph. Prepare yourself for the best evidence of bigfoot to soon be discredited. No suit will be needed, only testimony. And although you may not accept the truth of what is coming, the world will. And it will put the final nail in the bigfoot coffin.

      P.S. Your jealousy of a former poster on this site is really quite apparent Joeseph.

    2. Oh my... What a little meltdown... Ok...

      Firstly, would you like to source us all, where I have endorsed the Yeti De Bourganeuf? This should be very, very simple. Google my name, with the blog name and the subject matter and this should come up very easily should it exist. Had it got that bad for you that you have to make up imaginary points scored? I guess so (sigh).

      And to the PGF. Actually, however amount that I adhere to this video source being authentic and one of the most important pieces of evidence, this footage is not, nor has ever been my centrepiece of evidence... The reason being; that the subject in that footage could quite simply have died out in that time. My centrepiece is dermals. If at any stage you progress from futile hypothetical PGF scenarios and get on to that, let me know and I'll be happy to mind bend you a little more. My primary argument for the suit's authenticity are many factors in fact, such as proportions, texture, muscle tone along with materials, but it's nice to see "got monkey suit" appears to still upset you. "One by one"... How about you start with one, eh? Ha ha ha!!

      Sykes certainly came, and though I apologise to the frequent visitors for already reading the following comment; I will proceed to post how Sykes is coming along;
      "1) In an unnumbered chapter after Chapter 27, entitled “Postscript,” Sykes details an intriguing finding from a hair sample from Dr. Henner Fahrenbach. It had a result that Sykes is still pondering, and we may hear about in the future. The DNA sample of a “Sasquatch” from Walla Walla matched that of a feral “individual from Uzbekistan,” Sykes exclaims (page 282).
      (2) Sykes’ verdict on Zana, an alleged almasty captured in the 1850s on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, is a nod to the labor of the Russian hominologists during four decades of the Snowman Commission at Moscow’s Darwin Museum. The mainstream media has completely misinterpreted what Sykes’ book has to say about this, and talk of Zana being an “escaped African slave” demeans what appears to be the genetic realities behind the case. You must read Sykes’ Chapter 29, to fully appreciate what he has discovered.
      “Part-human, part-ape with dark skin (Zana means ‘black’ in Abkhaz) she was covered with long, reddish-brown hair which formed a mane down her back. She was large, about 6’6″ tall, and extremely muscular with exaggerated, hairless buttocks and large breasts. Her face was wide with high cheekbones and a broad nose,” notes Sykes (page 296).
      Zana was no slave from Africa, but an individual with genetics who tells us much more about the population from which she sprang. As Bryan Sykes hints, “Zana’s ancestors could have left Africa before the Laran exodus of 100,000 year ago” and “they might well be still there [in the Caucasus Mountains] to this day, living as they have for millennia somewhere in the wild valleys that radiate from the eternal snows of Elbrus,” (page 306).
      (3) There is one more revelation in this book that caused me great astonishment. I have written an entirely separate article about it. Few seem to have read the book closely enough to realize that part of the DNA testing that Sykes did gives a complete revision to the status of the Pangboche finger findings of only four years ago, when it was dismissed as merely “human.” Read here for the big reveal that Sykes shares on that case. Please see, “Pangboche Finger’s ‘Human’ Verdict Clarified By Bryan Sykes DNA Finding.” The fact is, the Pangboche hand may yet be an important artifact to re-study and re-test, regarding a piece of the puzzle to solve the mystery of the Yeti."
      - Loren Coleman

    3. "They will be published in the regular scientific press so I can't be more specific," he (Sykes) said.

      ... Isn't it ironic, that even though you looked stupid about Sykes apparently "coming and going", that the "centrepiece" of your cyber existence is that Gimlin should "reveal all"... We've only been waiting the past 47 years, right?


      ; )

    4. 0bama is hiding a secret that has just came out. This is breaking news and effects you.

    5. 47 years. Still waiting. That is ironic.

    6. Not when, in that time, we have every piece of the puzzle short of type specimen... And people like Sykes on board.

    7. Why didn't Sykes perform a full nuclear
      DNA profile instead of a cheap mito blast? I will tell you why dummy ,because the mitochondrial profile matched a homeless man with russian
      ancestry, and we are talking about a single hair sample!
      anywho .....SCHOOLED BOYO!

    8. Sykes has done the lot... Full DNA profile analysed, no homeless Russian people, no made up nonsense to make up for anything substantial on your part... It's a matter of "going back to school", as opposed to "schooled" when it comes to your grammar.

    9. Wrong cherry picker if that was the case
      Sykes would know what homo sapien sapien race orgin the hair sample came from ,, example.

      masai, sandawi,hazda,khoisan,bantu,pygmy!

      all modern HSS races(subspiecies)
      consist of a combination of thiese original modern HSS subtypes (pygmy&khoisan 180,000 are oldest)
      +small addition of Neanderthal&Denisovan. Full Nuclear DNA profile would nail down EXACTLY
      NO MATCHES WITH Homo N & Homo D and Homo SS in any %variable combo's

      = NOT HOMO SS,,, you dull twit !
      ps Are you snivilin about my grammer chump?????
      GOOD!! :-))

    10. You've been told this a million times... It's West African, you tool.

      "Now Professor Bryan Sykes at the University of Oxford says he believes Zana had a strain of West African DNA that belonged to a subspecies of modern humans. Sykes explained that while the woman, said to stand 6 feet 6 inches tall, was genetically 100 percent African, she showed little physical or genetic resemblance to any group living in modern Africa. Sykes has published a book, The Nature of the Beast, in which he writes that Zana's ancestors could have come out of Africa more than 100,000 years ago and lived for many generations in the remote Caucasus region."

    11. Pygmy & Khoisan are WEST AFRICAN!!!!

      MELTDOWN AT 1:47!

    12. Meltdown??? Khoison are from Southern Africa and Pygmy's from Rwanda.


    13. Haaaa haaa haa !
      what subspecies(west african) are you referring to little joe ????
      haaa haaa ha
      soo easy!

    14. Well that would be one that shares the same anatomical and morphological make up as Zana, wouldn't it? Duh??


      DUH! ,,, :-))

    16. My word... Troll back through the other million times it's been posted as a response to you, ha ha ha!!

      Nighty night!

    17. joe is to stupid to understand that full Dna profile (nuclear and mito) would answer all his claims and WAY WAY MORE !
      however its fun to watch the moron google everything! WHILEST to most its just common knowledge!
      sucks to be jotomi!

    18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    19. You got schooled on the your lie about the true origins of Khoison and Pygmy's, you've been schooled time and time again on how Sykes only had tested one lineage during the Bigfoot Files and has done a full profile since... You get schooled every time you come here because you either make stuff up or haven't the capacity to read what's been put to you a million times before.

      An all round schooling it seems, and not for the first time.

  2. Hey let's string some fishing line between trees and run a 4 legged stuffed animal down it, on a pulley. We will keep everything out of the picture that could give us a feeling of scale. It will be great fun. We will take lots of pictures. Then we will pick out the best ones so that we can be famous. It will be great fun.