Monday, October 19, 2015

Bigfoot Team Returns To Swamp To Compare Possible Skunk Ape Footage

The Trail To Bigfoot team returns to their previous location, where they believe they may have captured video footage of a skunk ape that was watching them from a distance. In this video they attempt to recreate the footage and make a comparison. Did they capture a skunk ape on video? Check it out:


  1. Explain this footers. They found a horse. Why are you not doing this? Didn't Stacy Brown win one million dollars? This equipment is not that expensive.

    1. I'm all for it.. It's just that when you're considering something that evades this well, having at times a triple canopy of dense brush to hide in... It'a not as easy as finding a horse that grazes.

  2. No numb nuts, he didn't win ten nor one million and split the winnings.