Monday, February 13, 2012

FB/FB: Excellent Chance Larry the Cable Guy Films Auburn Sasquatch [12 Minutes]

FB/FB just released a new breakdown video of Larry the Cable Guy's Bigfoot creature in Alaska. This breakdown is 12 minutes long. They believe there's "a very good chance" that the figure in the footage is a real Alaskan Sasquatch.

This is low rez but gives you an idea of the events surrounding the event. National Park, 1 mile hike in to a dead moose. If we ever get it will post this in HD when we get the footage.

Parker Duvall of Kentucky Bigfoot Hunters called the producer and he said 100% NOT one of the crew and it was not someone in a suit. So we are giving this a very good chance that this a Real Alaskan Sasquatch and it could be someone stalking them, maybe a parent in a hoodie?

Hey there is no better way to call the Big Fella in than blow a whistle bring a bunch of kids in purple shirts, roll them in mud, do jumping jacks, and then slice up and cook a Moose.!!


Watch below:


  1. I was watching the BFRO last night, during a segment when they were wandering around in the dark, wondering why no squatches were following them. I thought "You are not carrying food. You are boring." Maybe they should start dragging around a dead deer.

  2. Excellent chance FB/FB guy lives in his mom's basement.

  3. These are supposed to be shy woodland creatures. Would a sasquatch really approach a group of actors and a camera crew?

    Maybe the squatch wanted an autograph from Larry.

    1. Over the last 24 years I've hiked all over the Cascades and Olympics, often alone, during all seasons. There are some very remote areas here. I live in western WA, an area with more sightings than anywhere else in the US. I've never seen a Bigfoot in WA; maybe heard one at Rainier in 1988.

      I had a possible encounter in 1987 while driving very slowly on a steep mountain road in PA. I wasn't looking for one and was doing nothing extraordinary to attract one (unless it mistook my tiny CRX for a deer). Besides, PA is 3500 miles away from the NW... never thought about them!

      I think what we "know" about them can fit in a dixie-cup. It's not like there is a Diane Fossey of Bigfoot out there living among them documenting their behavior. So when folk make proclamations "with authority" - whether for or against - question it; demand proof. Speculation is not fact. Keep an open and informed mind.

      Dave the Photoshop from WA
      (Dave from NW is real; I'm just pixels)

  4. more FB/FB meaningless analysis..this is even worse thasn them comparing Gibbons with bigfoot.

  5. They avoid trailcams, recording equipment, can see in the dark and disappear without a trace....but send good ol' farting loudmouth Larry and a crew of 300 to the woods and it just walks up out of nowhere? Im convinced for sure.

    Geez people, this is getting old but keep praying that Ketchum, Smeja or that idiot Monkeymaker will have a breakthrough soon! We are gonna find BF!!

  6. I think there is many jealous of FB/FB I see it all the time. Let me tell you this is an excellent find and FB/FB did a great job covering it. THere is no doubt in my mind that this was either a hoax or one of the greatest bigfoot finds this year.

  7. Again-- the idiotic narration. Print it underneath, or at least rehearse it in advance. This shoddy stuff does nothing for your credibility, and undermines the entire field. Pitiful.

  8. Let's see... a freshly killed & aromatic moose kill, 30 high pitched laughing kids and plenty of easy escape routes. Seems like a tempting scenario for the curious and hungry forest people to approach and investigate. If you believe in them.

  9. I know this might sound silly but it could also be a ghost. I have personally seen some apparitions in the forest that are large and dark that i am pretty sure were not bigfoot. I could be wrong though.

  10. Well, it wasn't in a national park. I used to live in the exact area of the filmsite- in fact, I used to frame houses for Roy Roth, the football coach- and I can tell you precisely where the bit was filmed, and it is far from any national park.

  11. I am a Bigfoot, though I should tell you we find that term offensive. We now prefer to be called Sasquatch-Americans. At any rate, I can vouch that neither I nor any of my relatives would go anywhere near "Larry the Cable Guy".

  12. I think it's real because someone would of come forward by now with all the questioning and said "hey that's me".

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