Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Paranormal Report: Justin Smeja's original post on

In this new episode of the Paranormal Report, hosts Clayton Morris and Jim Harold talks about Justin Smeja's original post on and gets people warmed up for the Bigfoot DNA results. There's also a talk about Dr. Jeffery Meldrum's Yeti Expedition and how the government staged the entire event.

And one more thing: Walking Octopus! Listen for that segment below.



  1. Nice hosts. I like the way these guys present stuff, but they don't seem particularly knowledgeable about paranormal stuff and it seems like they should know players and names and theories and things. I won't even mention the story about the BF murderer. For a guy who "doesn't want publicity" he's certainly doing a lot of stuff to counter that by being mouthy online and working on a book.

  2. Autumnforest, you seem to have a lot of backhanded comments lately.

    For example, "I like these guys but they don't know anything" from above. Or anything that correlates to hunting/shooting or Smeja you always reference them as "boys". As if hunting makes you less of a man. I guess we should all buy our food at the force-fed steroid induced meat counter at the grocery store.

    You are a man hater hiding behind self-righteousness feminism. And this comes from a man that was raised by his mother with no male influence and I raised my sister. She's lesbian and doesn't hate on men like you do. Just so your fanboys don't come to your honor saying I'm hiding behind an anom tag. My name is Jeremy J.

  3. LOL Jeremy what r u doin? everyone is entitled to there opinion that's why everyone is able to post comments and not just a couple of chosen people. you sound like a hater man, just watch the video and talk about that.

    These guys are awesome i followed there pod casts be4 it was posted on here and they really do a good job informing you about different sightings and they make really good connections between past sights and current sightings.

  4. She is lesbian and doesn't dislike on men like you do. Just so your fans don't come to your respect saying I'm concealing behind an anom tag. My name is Jeremy
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