Monday, November 7, 2011

Who will be the losers once DNA study proves Bigfoot's existence?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Josh Brown, Anthropology Major (Physical) from Sacramento CA, and CEO of "Skye Highland Outfitters".

Today, Dr.Ketchum gave a brief, cryptical posting to all the world who are following her work closely. Dr. Ketchum's facebook posting was meticulously worded (I believe) on purpose to calm the multitudes that weigh in on her every move regarding her DNA analysis. While her posting didn't seem to "Confirm, or deny", it did achieve the mark of revving up the doubter and vocal skeptics of the whole DNA project she is involved with. This got me thinking from a different position, and I want you all to think about what I'm about to point out. I'm sure Dr.Ketchum is aware of what I'm about to point out, and it may explain why she is treading softly and slowly.

The ramifications of proving the existence of Bigfoot are huge. Scientifically, it rewrites chapters upon chapters of accepted paradigm that main stream science holds about the origins of man. We all know this. But lets take another look at some very real consequences.

  • Environment
  • Commerce

If proven true, then our Government will be forced to research Bigfoot habitat, possible migration routes, possible breeding areas, etc., etc. Not to mention the multitude of Universities, Enviro-Groups. Every aspect of habitat culture will be examined to determine in the guessed it:

Just think what that means. There could be wide expanses of migratory routes in multiple states that would be cut off from any development. Do you think that the major money investors who want to build that mega-mall in the suburbs of Oregon are going to be able to now? This issue could play out 100 fold all over the country (Just look at the map of sightings). A lot of big money firms will be directly affected in a negative way.

Map of Bigfoot Sightings

Lets take it a step further -What do you think two of the biggest industries that would be affected by this? Remember you all that the first tracks were seen by loggers. That multi-billlion dollar industry would come to a halt for sure in the Pacific North West. What about mining? What about other industries that provide real people with real jobs that will be shut out because of districting a reserve through a portion of wilderness that was once profitable mining, or logging, or fishery... The loss is unimaginable.

Remember the movie "Silkwood". Kerr-McGee poisoned one of its own employees with radioactive nasal spray for whistle blowing. While it might be knee jerk reaction to expect Falco Timber (Made up name for example purposes) would hurt Dr.Ketchum to stop her releasing any news that would jeopardize their investments and job prospects, it HAS happened before in the past, ie., intimidation and threats by big companies to individuals sitting on information. Dr. Ketchum is being wise on many levels to take this thing slow.

Just think about it...


  1. Excellent examples. I do fully agree with your blog. In the field of research I am doing myself, I have run into many threats, some for my life. I have had to begin carrying a concealed weapon for protection. May chosen field is in paranormal research, how's that for a kick in the butt?

  2. Second part of my comment above,
    "My" research, sorry I put "May", I was threatened by a member of a "church". Now I am a careful man anyway, but this person crossed the line. Calling me at all hours day and night, have their family and friends do the same. I have hours of video and pictures galore of Spirits, but I chose to hold them due to this kind of stuff.

  3. Great post-as always. I am getting images of Jurassic Park and how the automated cars slowed down to see the critters that didn't show themselves. Those people who worry about a squirrel's habitat on a mountain will really have their work cut out for them preserving BF's territory. And, how do you keep people from being BF hunters? Man has a tendency to want the hide of everything in the wild. Bear hides are huge prizes for these yahoos and imagine if they could shoot something smarter and more like man? Unless they not only protect BF with laws, but also determine that killing him is murder and not poaching, things could get real insane.

  4. So we now know that bigfoot is a migratory critter and not a hibernater? I am constantly amazed at all the things we "know" about an animal whos biology has never been proven. This is an animal with a phonetic alphabet but we can't take a decent picture of it. This is an animal that is so inteligent it defies all attempts to discover it but it doesn't make or use tools. How about this is an animal that doesn't exist?

  5. It's possible, but IF there is a BF, then this perspective is also possible.

  6. @3rd annonomys. I will second your thoughts on how everyone seems to know so much about a creature that hasn't even been proven.

    The one that gets me, is that everyone thinks bigfoot is nocturnal. Where do they get this info? I believe they are day dwellers, just like us, but because of there heightened hearing and sense of smell, they keep on gettn freakn woken up by all these crazy bigfoot hunters. Actually, the way these people do there whoops and calls, the "big guy", probably could have ear plugs and still get woken up! Like him, I'd be pissed too, and throw rocks and shit.

    Just like my dog, (a big lazy 135lbs newfoundlander) it is a day dweller just like our family, but any noise in the house at nite and she's up instantly. Why would a bigfoot be any different. They would get more accomplished during the day, and get rest at nite.

    Sorry for the term "day dwellers" not sure what the opposite of nocturanal is right now. Too late and lazy to google. (So I'll write this instead?)


  7. One might also argue that this is a reason to get the "proof" out as soon as possible. John

  8. If we log as we do now and replant forests the deer and Elk populations will grow as they have over the past 40 years and Bigfoot populations will also grow as I think they have from how America has taken care of their forests. Eventually we may have to have protected zones but only from paving I think Bigfoot does very well out in the woods of the USA right now.

  9. I was a very thoughtful article and I am grateful to see something like this - rather than the often repeated "millinon dollar video" or in Ketchum's case "patent's" or "discovery status"
    Personally, I don't think that is why things are slow with the study.

    In fact, I am beginning to suspect because of the fears of disclosing you describe the "team" may have missed several opportunities to bring this out in (her recent word - phases) and so avoid a BIG announcement that might be "upsetting."

    I also don't think one peer-review paper will take us to that level, it will be compelling,but it will take more to dissipate the deep "Myth" status of BF.

    Now, ask yourself it is better to ignore what we don't know (and accept the Gov's management...i.e. wilderness system) or find out the truth and deal with it?

    I guess that depends on if you desire a quality future for the planet and it's lifeforms, including ours (and our future children's).

    It might be that taking on those studies will reveal that we need to slow down our "use" of natural resources now...and so on. Would you rather end Salmon migration or blow up some hydroelectric dams on their historic routes?

    If you chose Salmon then choosing for BF shouldn't be a problem.

    This might be the second Anthro contribution from your guest? Thanks...good blog

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the current state of Anthropology and methods/ethics with regard to the Amazon Tribes (as modern example of study) and what BFers do!

    Perhaps influence in the study and background as cop as infused the team with more distrust than is necessary. If she would approach certain elected individuals, universities, Max Planck, and so on...she blows by the jurisdiction that perhaps Paulides seems to fear? Again just an opinion.

    But, I have still heard noone denounced the Sierra Kills....and so what has happened in the elapsed year to disclose that to the right people?

    I wouldn't want to be her lawyer right now...especially if my background were primarily Intellectual Property Law, because the poster is right.... public interest groups will come out of the clouds...and they won't all be the logging industry..some will be PETA or the Civil Liberties Union..

    so again I think in a case like BF the best route EARLY was full disclosure to a broad network of geneticist all involved in the genomics projects and the analyzed genomes put in Genbank....disclosure disclosure...

    because we aren't talking about a new "rose" here...these are human (or close) sentient BEINGS/. with familes and so on....our ethical responsibility is to them/ourselves and this is one area where scientist (or Vets) need to put down dreams for the self and pick up the mantle for us all...

    that is the high road here...not money deals in advance..or pate3nt hopes..and none of the explanations persuade me that she holds that as her highest moral obligation...

    ahh..what does one do when the salt of the earth is no longer salty? ----

    LOL I was going to do a one-liner...LOL not possible on this issue I guess!

  10. oh..short answer...
    Bigfoots will be the losers..
    it is why so many who care deeply for them really don't care if the rest of the world believes...because then poking and prodding follows. BUT -the amateur BF hunting..the Find Bigfoot thing has gotten so big many feel it is time to speak up...

  11. srry on long post above the reference to "cop" should identify Paulides as the subject...

  12. To Paul..hehe there you go again being astutute. I agree BF's are not nocturnal in the sense we apply it to other species. I believe they are nocturnal b/c of the vacancy and opportunity we leave. I had many indications in my three years that day activity was awasy ongoing if not just for the "sentinels" used to act as daytime guards for certain areas...
    Yeah guys, how do you think they avoid detection? Just sitting around, or foraging hoping no one notices? LOL they think like us...regardless of what the DNA says apply your won wild mind as say a hunter/gatherer and you will get closer to BF's and their world...
    That said they do seem to have excellent nighttime vision, and exceptional eye perhaps they have evolved into this nocturnal ability.

  13. somebody make fun of my typos or Shawn please fix them!

  14. Kilt Guy,

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I think your Kilt's on too tight.

    Scott McMan

  15. @Scott-Funny you mention that....The older I get, the more my kilts seem to mysteriously shrink in my closet......Maybe the next paranormal fad can investigate this phenomena!

  16. Only a few years ago, the average person would argue that bigfoots were a figment of an overactice imagination. Now we are debating about the results of DNA testing being performed on one of these alleged creatures!

    Pretty exciting stuff!

  17. Great post Josh! (Forget to mention in my earlier post)

    @last annonomys. Let's not forget we are not the average people. We are a select few that have an extreme passion for this topic. A lot of my friends and family still find it humourous that i have bigfoot obsession, even though I have had it for 25 plus years. They find it even more compelling that I take part in interactive discussions about the latest news.

    The only people paying attention to Ketchum right now are the "diehards". (That we know of)

    I am still waiting to see a major paper or news agancy take hold of this story and report on the specifics.


  18. Hey had to be you! But, I will add, I have done some inquiries of mainstream science/academia. More than just diehards are watching I am sure. Even here perhaps....although many of these stories get picked up and put in more "palatable" forums for them!

  19. Ape, thats why I love this blog. I learn so much here.

    What I was saying though, is by the average person, I didnt mean science or journalism. I meant "Joe 15 pack". In my world, family (which is massive in numbers), friemds, business clients, friends of friends, I think I am the only one that take it serious enough to follow.
    I do know some people that are very interested in the topic, but if I didnt keep them posted on the day to day ongoings and research, they woouldnt know what was happening.

    Like I said earlier, the knowlage that I have gained from this blog, and from all the commentors like yourself, is remarkable. Its really refreshing to see that so many people with great minds are putting their input into this. It does the "Big Guy" community wonders.

    FYI if anybody has nay questions about sheet metal, thats my specialty. LOL. Or the maybe the elusive "Tinman".