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Sasquatch charges witness after son fires shotgun near Blackstone in Brunswick County, VA (Audio included)

This latest incident report submitted to the BFRO happened last May near the town of Blackstone. It was around 2 in the morning when witnesses saw a deer running out from the woods in their direction. What was chasing the deer turned a skeptical man into an instant believer. As the 8-foot-tall figure ran towards them, the man ordered his son to fire his shotgun in the creatures direction. But the creature continued towards them to the left and got as close as 15 feet from the man.

"We ran back towards the house. I was in terror because the thing was shaped like a man but was covered with hair. I do not believe in Bigfoot but I cannot explain this? I stopped and watched it walk away into the light and it was huge and there was an odor that really stunk in the air. It stayed in sight for about 5 minutes before it went into the woods," said the man.

According to the follow-up investigation, the man said the massive creature was four feet wide, and at one point it dropped from two legs to a three-point crouch, placing one hand on the ground. And while it was too dark to make out details of the face, the witness felt he could see well enough to discern a surprised look on the animal's face as it looked at him, panting heavily.

Read the report below including a follow up investigation with audio:

YEAR: 2011
SEASON: Spring
STATE: Virginia
COUNTY: Brunswick County
LOCATION DETAILS: ******* Road Brunswick county
NEAREST TOWN: Blackstone

OBSERVED: It was about 2 a.m. on or about May 3rd 2011, I heard a noise as if something fell that was heavy, a thud sound in the back of my house. I thought it might be a bear or burglar. Me and my 21 year old son went out to investigate. I was armed with a pistol and my son had a shotgun. I saw a deer run as if it was being chased. Then I saw a huge figure coming out of the woods. This thing was at least 8 feet tall. I could not believe this! I screamed out to this thing to stop. It came towards us running. I told my son to shoot. He shot in its direction. It then ran to my left flank and continued to come toward us. We ran back towards the house. I was in terror because the thing was shaped like a man but was covered with hair. I do not believe in Bigfoot but I cannot explain this? I stopped and watched it walk away into the light and it was huge and there was an odor that really stunk in the air. It stayed in sight for about 5 minutes before it went into the woods. I investigated the next day and there are footprints that are about 18 to 20 inches in the field. Unless this is a hoax and someone was in a costume? We fired on this thing and it made a huffing noise and a shriek sound.

I have followed some the prints and there is long hair brown and gray back in the woods. I have had more noise and sightings in the woods behind my home. I live in the country and unless someone is doing this in a costume then this is the real bigfoot. There is also an underground tunnel dug into the side of a creek bed. The prints lead into the tunnel and I am not going in there. It is not a bear because a bear would never charge a gun shot.

ALSO NOTICED: My wolf was howling
OTHER STORIES: A few of my neighbors have seen the same thing
TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2 am clear night yard light
ENVIRONMENT: Wooded area

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator D.K.:

For over two years Mr. T, an admitted bigfoot skeptic, believed a prowler was visiting his farm at night and causing trouble. In earnest Mr. T set out to find the person, but after months of trying he could never catch a glimpse of who was pounding on the walls of his home or throwing rocks at his family. He did however manage to track large bipedal steps through dew and tall grass on a number of occasions. And frequently those tracks would take a circuitous route away from this house, and past a bamboo grove before entering the forest.

On the night of his encounter, Mr. T and his eldest son went into the backyard to confront a suspected prowler. Once there, a deer ran toward the witness, from the forested edge of a soy bean field, about 50 yards wide. Mr. T was surprised that a deer actually ran toward he and his son, who was standing 40 feet to his right.

After the deer passed by, Mr. T spotted a large, shadowy figure standing at the forest edge. The figure began moving quickly toward Mr. T but to his left where a clearing gave access to another soybean field. At this point Mr. T grew panicked and ordered his son to fire his shotgun.

Mr. T's son confirms that he fired his shotgun, but high and in the direction of the wood line. He said it was too dark to see well, but he did clearly hear the sound of running feet approaching. He described the sound as loud and as heavy as if a horse were running toward them.

After the gun shot, Mr. T reports the creature veered to its left, and directly toward him. It drew rapidly closer and stopped just 15 feet short of where Mr. T stood. In the seconds before Mr. T turned and ran back into his house, he saw a massive creature, four feet wide, that dropped from two legs to a three-point crouch, placing one hand on the ground. And while it was too dark to make out details of the face, Mr. T felt he could see well enough to discern a surprised look on the animal's face as it looked at him, panting heavily.

Mr. T did not fire his weapon but instead turned and ran as fast as he could back around his house and in through the front door. His son was immediately behind him. Upon speaking with his wife, Mrs. T later conveyed that Mr. T's face was blanched white with a look of terror and for some time he was unable to verbalize clearly. When he had calmed enough to tell her what he'd seen, he could only describe it as a big hairy demon. Immediately afterward Mr. T went to his back porch and observed the creature still in the vicinity, but farther away and moving along the wood line toward a street light. It eventually entered the woods and was lost to view.

Mr. T reached out to the BFRO and after several lengthy conversations and a visit to his farm, a number of other incidents were uncovered which suggest a sasquatch has been visiting Mr. T's farm for most of the last five years. Common occurrences include loud slaps on the side of his home during the night. Large objects, like riding lawn mowers or trailers in his yard, mysteriously relocating overnight. Loud choruses of wailing howls that break out in remote forests around his farm, occasionally waking his family from sleep. In one instance a young daughter in the family reported seeing a large, hairy man outside the window, a claim Mr. T did not take seriously at the time. And in a separate incident Mr. T came home to find the upper window onto his back porch smashed in, and a bag of garbage stored there had gone missing. Some time after this, the door onto the back porch was ripped apart, and more trash bags were stolen from the porch.

On another occasion Mr. T. and his son were in their front yard when rocks were thrown at them from the woods behind their house. Several rocks landed before his son began to pick the rocks up and throw them back. Mr. T notes his son's rocks fell well short of the tree line, which was over 100 yards away. But after he and his son threw a few rocks back, more rocks came from the forest, only much more rapidly than before. Mr. T and his son were forced to retreat into their home. Since then, they have occasionally heard rocks hitting the roof of their home, during the night.

Mr. T is an admitted night owl and frequently up to the small hours of the morning. During two evening events, separated by a year's time, Mr. T observed what he thought was a very large Marine, wearing a backpack and ghillie suit, walking along the road in front of his house. On the first occasion Mr. T did nothing, and the "Marine" simply disappeared into the darkness. On the second occasion Mr. T yelled to get the subject's attention, whereupon it immediately began to move quickly away, not running, but walking very fast, until it turned and disappeared into the woods along the road.

Over the course of several weeks, I held multiple phone conversations with Mr. T and arranged to visit his farm. During this period Mr. T related several stories he had uncovered from locals that involved possible sightings of sasquatch. One instance involved a fox hunter on horse back startling a large hairy animal that ran away on two feet, easily as fast as his own horse could gallop. Another neighbor, a long time resident of the area, admitted to multiple instances of seeing the creature over the course of 25 years. When I contacted the neighbor however, they were not interested in going on the record with their story and did not want to encourage anyone who might come and disturb the creature. A retired sheriff's deputy confided in Mr. T that he had experienced a road crossing while patrolling a mile down the road from Mr. T's farm.

Mr. T also has friends in the local Army community stationed at nearby Fort Pickett. And through those connections he is learning of several anecdotal reports involving troops and employees on the fort who have encountered a large bipedal creature. Some reports involve troops in the field on night maneuvers. But one interesting report comes from a civilian cook who was terrified by a close encounter with a tall, hairy creature running quickly past as he exited the rear of the mess hall late at night. The fort's Military Police are said to be aware of the creature, but the term "bigfoot" is never used. Instead the locals refer to it as the "Pickett creature".

While visiting Mr. T's farm, I spent a night camped in the soy bean field 200 yards from his home and adjacent to the bamboo grove he had followed tracks to in the past. During the first night of camping by the bamboo, my overnight audio recorder captured this series of ascending vocals that are highly suggestive of sasquatch activity: ascending vocals

On the same night, a second recorder placed several miles away, on the edge of the Fort Pickett's training ranges, recorded another series of suspected sasquatch vocals emanating from the deep woods of the ranges.

Before departing Mr. T's farm, a long duration audio recorder was left running in the bamboo grove, where it operated for 29 days. On the fourth night of operation, at 2:28 a.m., the recorder captured the sound of bipedal foot steps quickly approaching from the direction of Fort Pickett. In this recording they passed within 20 feet of the recorder before proceeding beyond the bamboo grove and into the woods: bipedal foot steps

When asked about his encounter, Mr. T believes in hind sight that it was a mistake to fire a weapon around the creature. He feels that it probably meant no harm to him or his family, and that it was attempting to flee the encounter but was frightened, then confused by the gun fire incident. After re-examining years of events with the realization that a sasquatch occasionally visits his farm, Mr. T recognizes that if it meant any harm, it has had ample opportunity to do so.

Since this investigation began, Mrs. T has caught a glimpse of a large, hairy creature diving headlong into the wood line near their mailbox. And Mr. T reports that the incidents, while diminished, still occur from time to time. The BFRO will continue to monitor the events at this location and Mr. T is endeavoring to capture video evidence of the creature in the future.

Regarding the tunnel next to the creek bed Mr. T described in his report, after close examination I believe it to be a large erosional feature, created by rain water run off.


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  1. I wonder if he pities the fool?

  2. Damn, I didn't know Mr. T. saw a bigfoot. I pity the fool!!

  3. I have to admit that the area from Blackstone to Pipestem, WV where I had a strange encounter, has always struck me as prime BF territory, but my biggest problem with this story is that at 2 am he could see that this figure was covered in hair. That's pretty detailed.

  4. It was fifteen feet away. That's five paces. You can see hair quite easily at that distance. He never said it was pitch black with zero visibility.

  5. Obviously got hoaxed by some well trained, athletic tall & wide people willing to take a shotgun blast for the fun of the game. Hey, NBA players are out of a job right now so why not play a sasquatch!!! These hoaxers were especially diligent because they pranked this guy for many years- brilliant job guys!!!! (sarcasm alert)

  6. These types of stories are frustrating. They sound plausible, but there is not one shred of proof. Personally, with the setting that is described in the story, it seems like too much was seen at 2 in the morning for the story to be plausible. Also, I would be more inclined to believe this story if it took place in Washington, Oregon, northern California, or British Columbia. Virginia? Eh. If there is a sasquatch known to be in this area, build a pit trap to capture it or do something else to capture it. Build an extremely strong snare, something. These hearsay stories are just that, hearsay. Even with audio support, the story is just a story. There is absolutely nothing to prove that the audio sounds were created by a sasquatch. CAPTURE THE SASQUATCH!!

  7. I pity the fool who messes with Sasquatch!

  8. So the bigfoot charged him but it didn't actually charge him he was just confused but saying that he charged him is good to get more views. I hate that kind of journalism. Sadly, everyone does this.

  9. @Dave. The BFRO report was titled "Sasquatch charges witness after son fires shotgun near Blackstone (includes audio from follow-up investigation)"

  10. I don't think this story is hearsay. Shawn got this right from the BFRO report, which would make it right from the witness. You have to take these stories for what the person saw. What do they have to gain from it? A newspaper article? Maybe a spot on the news?, but probably not because there is no video or picture. These people aren't going to get rich off this, there's no money in bigfooting (melba has it all now). You have to take the eyewitness account for what they said they saw. You either believe it or not. You think they are lying or telling the truth. Once again, what does someone have to gain from making up story like this with no video or picture. They didn't report it to the news, they reported it to a bigfoot research group. Don't think they're are trying to get attention.


  11. The story is interesting and I don't know if I can poke holes in it.
    There was a light on so it's possible the witness could have seen features and dimensions.
    The three point stance as a resting position sounds plausible.
    Perhaps the deer was used as a decoy.Sasquatch needed to get from point A to point B,scared the deer in the path of the humans and hopefully get away unseen.
    If the Sasquatch was looking for a meal,why chase the prey with humans present?
    I also think the BFRO sensationalized the title,and that is shameful.

  12. finally some solid evidence and field work...not like this whole Ketchum/Erickson scam...I wish those two turds would just go away...I am tired of hearing about the Erickson Project shenanigans

  13. I grew up in SW VA and there are a lot of people who have had encounters in that area but are afraid to discuss it openly. Mountain folk are a cagey bunch and generally don't share stories like this outside their immediate family.

  14. "My Wolf was howling"
    -you just don't mess with a guy that owns a wolf. Snake-Eyes (GI Joe) had a wolf... nobody messed with Snake Eyes.

  15. I recently found out about and watched Harlan Ford's 1963 sasquatch footage that he took with his 8mm camera in the swamps of Louisiana. I was intrigued because, up until now, I had never seen any footage that predated the Patterson film. To me, the figure in the Harlan Ford film looks more like the figure in the Freeman Footage than the Patterson film. A comment or two associated with the Youtube clip indicated that the oldest known bigfoot footage was taken in 1948. Does anyone out there know any details about a 1948 bigfoot film? I have been unable to locate any 1948 footage online. Any info/help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

  16. Whats with the "large Marine" stuff? There is a nearby Army post but he says Marine. Makes me wonder.