Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's official: Dr. Melba Ketchum's paper is not going to be published in the science journal Nature [Bigfoot DNA Study]

Dr. Melba Ketchum

The gossip about Dr. Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA study being submitted to Nature started on Robert Lindsay's blog, and then R.W. Ridley picked it up, and then we reported on what Ridley picked up. Yeah, it's a big mess. But you don't have to worry because it just got cleared up by no one other than Dr. Melba Ketchum herself. Thanks to an anonymous comment, here's the official statement posted on Dr. Melba Ketchum's Facebook page:

Somebody commented on this in a blog as a speculation but it is misinformation. The person with the blog ran with it. We are not announcing any potential journal or publication date until we are allowed to do so by the editors of the publication. I will say that our paper is not with the Nature group. What we are currently doing and where the paper is/is not cannot be discussed. Thank you for the interest though. It will come out when it is supposed to come out. I am sure of that and it shouldn't take that much longer.

- Dr. Melba Ketchum

Here's what R.W. Ridley wrote on his blog about Dr. Ketchum and the Nature Journal rumor on October 14, 2011:

Blogger Robert Lindsay has been cranking out some fascinating posts about Dr. K and her study for some time now. Lindsay is an interesting character. The number of people who revile him is only matched by the number of people who admire him. To put it kindly, he is a lightning rod of controversy. I dare say if you ever read his blog, you will find something that will disgust and anger you. And, that is exactly how Lindsay wants it. In the interest of complete disclosure, I don’t like his views on race or politics, but I can’t help but like him. He’s an open book and there’s something inherently likable about that.

Lindsay has much more faith in his sources than I do. He’s started a number of his posts with “We can now report.” Meaning, he’s confident enough in his sources to share their information as fact. He started his latest blog post on BF, Bigfoot News October 10, 2011, in just such a way. In this particular post, he is making the claim that the science journal Nature has accepted Dr. K’s (and her co-authors) paper for review. Normally, I would pass this off as wishful thinking by Lindsay’s source, but I was contacted on this blog and via private messaging by an individual weeks ago insisting the paper was under peer review by Nature. Is my source the same ndividual? I don’t know, but I do find it interesting that Lindsay, and I both received the same information. I didn’t report on it then, because there was just no way for me to confirm it. I present it to you here as still unconfirmed information.

The second part of the Nature rumor is the second most sensational thing you will read here today. Lindsay is reporting that the editors of the journal called Dr. K in for a meeting with them at their headquarters in London. Separately, an AJ Ciani reported on the BF Forums that Dr. K met with members of a review panel in Europe. Again, how reliable the sources are in this case is unknown. If true, it is an unprecedented move by a scientific journal. They don’t meet with the authors of study as a rule, and this has skeptics dismissing the rumors out of hand. I am of the belief if Dr. K’s study has met all criteria and is credible, they would almost have to meet with her and members of her team before publishing a paper about a topic that is usually relegated to the pages of tabloid magazines. If the paper unquestionably proves the existence of such a creature, they must take every precaution before publication. But that’s just my opinion.



  1. Its not dead. What this shows is Lindsays sources are not credible. That's all it shows.

    Some of the statements that Ketchum has made in the past few days really put her out there, and are risking her own credibility and future business.

    I'm glad to hear that the true peer reviewers hasn't come out. I think it gives more evidence of all the procedures being properly followed.

    I wonder what Linsday will have to say.........


  2. Peer review. I'm worried. Could it be that this will be published in Mad Magazine? (Do they still make Mad magazine?) The thing that bothers me most about this whole fiasco is that it smacks of refrigerator Bigfoot. I feel like there should be a lot more leaks and a lot more info making it downstream because this would be the most amazing find of our times and they can't even freaking hide where Lindsey Lohan was last Tuesday or where Kim Kardashian was last summer. Something this "hot" would have people leaking info for cash like crazy and no "signed paper" is going to keep them from shutting up on the sly. My spidey senses are saying there's something not quite right about any of this. Yes, Melba is going to look really stupid if either her findings are spurious or no one wants to carry her findings. Other than throwing a body across someone's desk higher up, I don't know how they can convince anyone. At this point, I keep hearing Chicken Little "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!" ringing in my ears.

  3. LOL MAD MAGAZINE! LOL ♥ IT! Too funny! Can't wait to see this Melba bitch working at McDonalds after screwing so many of us over. There goes your career. Can I please get the #1 with a large coke? Thanks.

  4. Wow Annoyed, I can't wait to see you crawl back here with an apology for being a complete asshat when the research is revealed....

    Oh wait, you'd never do that would you.

    Decorum? Bah...

  5. Or you Jordan... I mean with the crawling back, apologizing thing...

    This is just more — wait for it, wait for it, it's coming any minute, wait, wait...

    Oh, it was just a frozen monkey suit in an ice chest stuffed with random road kill...

    I want Bigfoot to be real as much as the next guy but anyone betting the store on this is a fool or tool or both... NO ONE would have done as those 2 hunters supposedly did. They would have thrown the small one in the back of the truck and gone down in history...

    Anyway, I'll meet you here when the hoax is revealed or more likely when its announced that the DNA from the Bigfoot 'steak' is... wait for it... wait for it...


  6. 1st off, the georgia hoax was perpetrated by
    a part time used car salesman and pushed to limelight by a man with a shady record in the BF community.
    She is a professional,and stands to loose everything, where the other fools had nothing to loose either way.
    There other journals out there besides nature,
    and mad magazine isn't one of them.
    So chill, try to have a little more brain's and patience than a babies *ss.

  7. I'm leaning in agreement with Autumnforest and kevinflynn56.
    Things aren't adding up.The rumor of where her peer review is taking place has been out for awhile but she's only addressing it now?
    With such a high profile I would think the group would have a social network/media liaison tackling these issues head on.
    I get the impression that rumors are left to fester,keeping us busy,until such time that someone decides to put an end to it.

    I also think the hunters stories are not the whole truth.If I was in there shoes,those Bigfoot would have been in the back of my truck.
    Both of them could've been rich men,and famous.
    It would be the discovery of the century.They would hold all the cards.They would decide who did/said what to whom.
    I don't buy the "I was worried about jail" scenario.
    What court of law in any country could hand down a guilty verdict of murder for killing a being that doesn't legally exist?
    For me the math doesn't add up.

  8. To me: it's about lawyers and American Greed
    ....lots of lawyers,

    lawyers to draw up LLc's, lawyers to draw up NDA's, lawyers to file patent and copyright claims, and lawyers to tell Justin it's no big deal we'll take care of you kid.

    All the way to Vegas...just stick with us.

    Of course with so many parties, and so many un-satisified still (silently worrying too) it all looks less and less promising than it did when they signed on, telling everyone the good news.
    We'll only get the truth if a groundbreaking paper is published and not until many years after the fact, after all the lawsuits between the parties are resolved,

    We will know about any patent filings perhaps soon or within a year..they are not revealed until pending. Patents and trade secrets are one time honored 'secrets are good" area. Not so much receiving the flesh from baby Bigfoots.

    Is she is trying to develop a new DNA lab test - she is a Vet practitioner..charges people for DNA analysis using patented tests.

    Maybe she wants a quick and dirty test to show a Bf from human? And rake it in from all us fools?...


    maybe it will pay for the patent infringement settlement she had 2 or so yrs ago...probably very expensive.... S

    Many, many years later after all the law suits are done between the parties, even if they settle someone will talk 8they all seem to( and we will have a better idea of the dysfunction that has gripped this project.

    If I were Justin Smeja..knowing all these lawyers are paid by parties with high stakes...

    I would have my very own lawyer..all for me..because da Man!

    I would not accept any other group's or person's lawyer because my contribution...the "bodies" so to speak...far, far outstrips everyone's.

    Vet geneticists are pretty common, guys that shoot 2 bigfoots are not.

    It seems Justin, the opportunity for a conflict of interest exists between you, OP, and Ketchum..and if anything goes sour in the future (and it will)...well then who is really represented by the lawyer?

    Get your own now.

  9. I just received a mail from Mrs. Erickson, wife of Adrian Erickson (Erickson Project). I do not want to quote from that mail, but here are two points from her answer that make me "desperate" -In those moments I ask myself: could it be that the Justin Smejas (no condemnation of this man!) of this world are the only ones who can solve the question, if BF really exists??! By killing one of our "wild forest brothers"?!!
    Back to Mrs. Erickson`s mail. There are two points which seem to frustrate Adrian Erickson - and certainly frustrate me:
    1. All of the "experts" backpedal when it comes to support the project - because of fear of ridicule by their "peers";
    2. there seems to be no progress and therefore Erickson considers closing down the website "Sasquatch - The Quest" until there is some sign of progress (which probably means: at the moment there is NO progress at all!!).

    Mrs. Erickson did not tell what "experts" she means, and she did not mention the Ketchum DNA project or any other people and projects.

    However: I find it frustrating that such a groundbreaking and probably admirable project comes to a standstill because there is no support from the "experts"...Where is Jeff Meldrum et al? And does Mrs. Erickson`s answer to me also mean that we have to wait MUCH longer for the results of the Ketchum study - and therefore for the broadcast/release of the documentary, too?

    Anyway: Perhaps one day we will be glad that once upon a time a certain Justin Smeja did go hunting in the Sierras of California - all serious and "ethical" efforts seem to be undermined in the end by ignorance and/or cowardliness.

  10. I think your answer to the question is in anon's post above, seriously.

    As for the "apst" and experts perhaps the similarity in DNA led them all to ssay "contamination,."

    Now, with a "body" the problem being the Lawyers of the "Doctor" sucked up both the shooter and "front" organization to give him "credibility."

    He is not represented by a lawyer, but as far as I can tell has "deal." What kind of deal?

    Anyway, imagine a Vet comes to you and says.. I can show BG's exist..I have 100 samples and see! And I am absoultey sure the study will be accepted b/c we have almost a "body" from one!

    But, there is a litlle problem - to Universitites and prestigous Journals...

    It's called the court of public opinion and so on. Surprisingly or not, many prestigeous institutions have that reputaion b./c they do not get involved with such situations...

    There is nothing that will please anyone about how the study was "handled" if the Sierra Kills are ture and so many details we read....

    There just isn't any reaswon in my mind (except personal motivation fo0r wealth or fame) to withhold something like the death of 2 BF's...especially if you are telling the Shooter "everything will be ok."

    make sense Jorge?

    Erickson isn't the only one ready to put away a few years of faith in this..and move on

  11. I will add the one "out" the BF community has (true or not)..... that authroities were notified promptly and everyone has been told to not reveal the findings...
    And of course if that is the case Justin will be left out of the circle to die a "BSers" slow dissipation on the internet....

    So, if it is true..and Justin has a sample....or the driver..
    now is the time to call...who?

    Sadly, at this stage...a "good" lawyer.

  12. to the EP project - contact me..It's all cool, really.

  13. Personally, I think none of you have any answers, and now you are all just bullshitting for the sake of bullshitting. LOL

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that every post, whether it be positive or negative, you're all trying to piece something together that you don't even understand.

    Like a bunch of baboons begging for scraps.
    Autumnforest, You're the worst of the bunch.
    You have bullshit spewing out of your ears!
    You have no clue about what you're talking about, and already you have a conclusion. LOL
    Have your family inform us when they finally commit you. lol
    I'm glad that I never subscribed to forums and blogs like this.
    I go out and do the real research, and getting answers.
    You guys read Lindsays blog and think that you know it all. LOL Lindsay has already been proven to be full of crap. And yet you all keep reading his guesses.

  14. Such a small think. ;-) But such a great idea

  15. I guess we'll see what we shall see.
    If I had one single wish, it would be that all people who lie receive some sort of adequate punishment, especially if their lie harms another person.
    Maybe someday our species will evolve enough to disallow lying at all levels of society.
    I want to know what is true and do not want to hold any belief that isn't backed up by proof.
    There is no more noble act that to stand up for what is true.

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