Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Footage: Kansas Bigfoot

This latest Bigfoot footage comes to us from Kansas where two hikers caught an auburn sasquatch darting across the path. The video was originally uploaded on October 3rd. You can listen to the two people's reactions. Sounds pretty natural right? We're not sure what to think of it, but lucky for us, there's already a breakdown video.

Kansas Bigfoot Stabilized Enhanced by Bigfoot Evidence

Kansas Bigfoot Breakdown

According to the breakdown video by citizentruth: "this is the real thing":

What danman1167 caught on video was in frame for about 2-3 seconds tops.
In my opinion this is the real thing.
It has a large patch of hair missing from the right shoulder area.You can see a hand.....and a FACE.
It looks like danman1167 joined just to post this video.
This vdeo has all the attributes that bigfoot researchers look for.
EDIT: After reviewing the video some more,it's quite possible that sunlight is shining on the upper arm where I thought hair was missing.I'm still not sure 100%.

Here are a few stills taken from the footage:

Original video


  1. This is awful.

    These things are getting to be like Ghost Hunters episodes... "What was that?!" "Oh my God!"


  3. Another problem with this video which makes it out to be a hoax more then anything is the video ends just as the thing disappears ! What happened next ? Did they walk up to the place where it was and look for prints or see if they could see it running away. You never get that from these videos just the money shot then nothing.

  4. I didn't realize my breakdown was on your site until now.
    Someone said "disappearing bigfoot"? It does not disappear,it runs behind a tree in the background.
    I only broke down the relevant part of the video containing the creature,which is about 7 seconds in the original upload.
    I've been chatting with some people I respect on the Bigfoot research community and the question was "why did Bigfoot walk out in to the open?"
    I decided to take another look at the video and went back to just before the creature walks in to frame.
    I found what looks like a juvenile Bigfoot in these stills.This could explain why the Bigfoot compromised it's hidden position.It appears,to me at least,that the parent or sibling grabbed the juvenile and darted for safety amongst the trees.This is typical Bigfoot behavior.
    I also have stills of muscle definition in the upper and lower right arm of the large creature.This would be hard to hoax.
    I was able to capture 29 stills from the video and I continue to scrutinize every one of them.
    If this was hoaxed,why have a 20 second video showing maybe 7 seconds of "Bigfoot"?The camera person and his companion seem very genuine with their surprised reaction.
    If this turns out to be fake,then I will admit I was duped.
    There is too much going on in 7 seconds for me to believe this is a hoax.

  5. I should add that my second breakdown is now posted on YouTube.
    I included every still that contains a creature/Bigfoot/anomaly.Some stills are distorted in the enlarged portion of the breakdown but I included them to show the full event.

  6. I laughed when I saw this clip. What is that? A ninja costume? Oh please. This is one of the worst fakes yet. If you're going to hoax bigfoot footage, try making it look like bigfoot.

  7. This is possibly the worst fake on this site?

  8. I'm sorry that this whole thing has been blown out of porportion. You hikers accidently took a picture of my granny on her way to town. she was carrying fox pelts hoping to trade them for a box of vagasil. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. Well if citizentruth thinks its legit...

  10. fake ,the girls reaction tells it all shes not even excited when she sees it.set up bogus evidence.

  11. I'm sorry, I don't understand why people would take the time to comment saying stupidities. Some people (like citizentruth, bigfoot evidence, bfro, etc...) dedicate their time and energy to see if this is genuine, so the general public can know what to actually consider as evidence for the existence of bigfoot. They do it because they (as I ...) believe that although an animal has not yet been officially discovered by mainstream science, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It's too bad that putting up with the mockery of simpletons is part of the process. You guys deserve way more credit. Thanks for your serious work, guys. Great analysis, by the way. I believe it's real.

  12. My deaf friend could have heard you flopping down the path with your flip flops stepping on every dry leaf and branch on the way. There is no way any animal would have been within 100 yards of you unless they were blind and deaf. You were probably upwind too hehehe. Not even a good fake!

  13. Who video tapes while they are walking ? What were they video taping ? Just seems odd to me. When I'm in the woods for a hike, I'm not recording. I may have a camera in hand. But to video tape, come on ...

    1. that was my thoughts exactly and a common link in lots of Bigfoot clips!

  14. One mistake that hoaxers do is to have the people over-react. These people sound real. The low-key "My God" has an element of fear in it.

  15. wow,a whole site dedicted to hoaxed videos. how pointless. if this is the bst evidence going,what the heck are we doing even looking at videos!?
    i guess he rcentdna 'evidence' is what you are all hanging your hat on! if this comes backs 100% bear samlples,which we ALL [[deep down] know it will, I suspect Bf believers wil be pretty thin on the ground. iknow te Bf lot will always believe even when fats/science flies in he fce of ' i have a feeling im being watched' evidence. there are no dna, bo bones, no body, no video footage of any interest[apart from the P/G film 50yars ago,that was taken by a broke desperate wildlife film maker with a remit to shoot BF, 2 days later he trn that video in. seems odd to me, and he shared a studio with horrot /[lanet of apescostume makers. i dont think adapting these existing costumes is a far fetched thought dded to these FACTS].

    i would love the thought of BF and look online for that interesting footage/picture but it never comes. bit like the phto[that was the best ever] turns out its nothing ore that a museum piece in a museum somewhere. its clearly shot inside aswhat trail cam is set to look at a bush? wtf, why even post that back shot and call it that title,i wouldnt embarress myself with this. why not show us the orginal hot [not a cropped one] so we can see the whole context . reason we would see the rest of the exhbit. again im sad that its all a hoax but its time to move on.
    try not to respond with banal 'you are a misguided fool replies'. if you disagree please reply with 'evidence' links,as that is productive rathe than a 'well i belive' comment and you need to 'pen your min=nd' reply

    eitherway hats off to the real field researchers,as annoying as some of them are[fasano, fb/fb,a self titled 'expert' ,in what i dont know, timbergiant,billykid etc etc....]these people come across as rabid Bf believers who only post on youtube with videos that have no 'comment' allowance or 'commet pending',tells you right away they cant take people challenging their upload of rubiish that 99% can easily be explained. i guess it gives them eposure or their 15 mins in the limelight! lol, silly men!

  16. lol,why give these people the platform,surely it not that desperate for footage that it show this shit. the point a camera,conviently at the subject,at the usual 1.4 second. not enough to see it but enough to nake u think.shite hoax

  17. People quickly label videos as hoaxes. No one wants to give reasons for why they think it's a hoax?

  18. If I hadn't had an experience of my own about 30 years ago, I too would be a HUGE skeptic. I appreciate the work that is done by the research folks. Type in "Bigfoot" on you tube and you can definitely get a sense of all the crap they have to go through to weed out the garbage.
    Personally, I haven't researched much in the last 10 years or so and I find myself surprised at the body of recent evidence. I have my own theories, some of which stem from my own experience but do believe that it's only a matter of time now. Technology is catching up to even the stealthiest of intelligent critters that wish to remain hidden.

    What gets me riled on this forum (and others) is the utter rudeness of posters. The anonymity (dark side) of the internet is turning our society into a bunch of blathering self indulgent idiots. My simple rule; do not post something I wouldn't say of the person were right in front of me.
    You may disagree with the opinion of others but that doesn't mean you have to be rude.

    1. Well said :) Its really depressing when you want to get involved in blog discussions about a subject that interests you, only to find you have to swim through a sea of unpleasant screwed up people who use their anonymous web persona's as a tool to vent their aggression to complete strangers.

      Glad to have got that off my chest! :)

  19. I love to give my opinions and I have to say why I think somethings are good or bad. First. The thing that got my attention after reviewing the video, was there was walking like they were wearing clown shoes and plodding along loudly, as it sounded to me, to give the waiting bigfoot guy a heads up they were almost there. Any animal would have heard them a long time before they got that close. Second. The film was not all that clear and a tad shaky but most of all it was really short. Why did he stop filming it? Third. To me their reactions to the alleged bigfoot were not all that surprised or startled when they saw it. Fourth. It still was not clear enough to determine with any accuracy of the subject in this video was a genuine bigfoot when it appears more to be another blobsquatch. Thats my opinion. I welcome yours. To all my anonymous posters, I challenge you to come out of hiding like bigfoot!LOL

  20. We have saw something that we thought was a bigfoot in the pasture behind our home aprox .2 weeks we are just east of eldorado ks

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