Friday, October 7, 2011

New Footage: Creston Flats Bigfoot

Creston Flats Bigfoot

Filmed by: Troy Hunter
Location: Nick's Island in the Kootenay River
Date: Thursday, June 26, 2008 5:55 AM

YouTube user troydhunter uploaded this footage of a bipedal and hairy looking creature walking in the marsh. The user said this was film at Creston Flats in B.C. Canada. We've sent troydhunter a message asking for more detail, and we have yet to receive an response.

Update: Here's more from the user about the creature in the video:
Thats all I could get, about 15 seconds. I imagine it must have been near 7 feet tall as the grass and bull rushes are quite tall.
Update #2: More from Troy to Bigfoot Evidence. Thanks Troy!

Here is the approximate location where I shot the video.

Click here to view street map:

It is near a place called Nick's Island in the Kootenay River and the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area on the Crowsnest Highway.

I was driving all night long as I headed into the Kootenays. I captured this video on Thursday, June 26, 2008 5:55 AM, Pacific Standard Time; Duration 0:14:27 -- its all I could get. I had totally forgot about this footage and had later put all my stuff in storage. I just came across it while looking for my fisheries footage on the Columbia Basin.

We've actually got a number of stories about Bigfoot in the Ktunaxa (Kootenay Indian) tribe, including a few sightings over the years. I believe the word in our Ktunaxa language for Bigfoot might be Yeeka but I am not certain on it.

I had heard a colony of Bigfoot was recently found on the edge of Kootenay National Park and Banff National Park. I remember reading somewhere in I think the book was called Kootenay Saga or some other historical book about when the first Europeans came through the Rockies, that they had found tracks in the snow in the high mountain pass which appeared human like but the stride was far too great to be a human.

I know up in Coyote Creek area close to Top of the World Park, I was picking morels in the rain and heard a loud noise behind me, I turned to see a black object standing on two legs, pushing a tree down. I figured it was a bear and I ran out of there quietly and quickly, later another mushroom picker and fellow Ktunaxa had told me he was in the same area about a week before me and he had heard a sasquatch scream and it was kind of human sounding but was also different. He said it was likely that I had saw what he had heard. This was back in 1985.
Updated #3: Breakdown video by The Crypto Hunters now available.

Creston Flats Bigfoot

This is what's in the description:
Creston Flats (Yaqan Nukiy) looks like bigfoot, scared the heck out of me but I at least caught a few seconds on tape; here is the full footage. When I was a kid in the 70's, we found bigfoot tracks near the river very close to this area.

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The Creston Valley is one of few wide, flat valleys in southern British Columbia. It's tucked between the Selkirk and Purcell mountains. This is an area rich with wetlands and the first people who inhabit this region are the Yaqan Nukiy (People of the Water).

The marshes and shallow lakes in this valley supports fish, frogs, waterfowl and dragonflies. Smaller streams tumble in water and nutrients from the mountains. The diversity of streams and rivers, deep and shallow lakes, ponds and marshes make this area an excellent place for a large creature like Bigfoot to exist.

Rich Wetlands in the Creston Valley


  1. sorry this is the patterson film running as an overlay/background. someone is trying to dupe you Shawn.

  2. The last commenter was correct. I watched it expecting to see someone passing a person off as a BF in the marsh, but the walking pattern, shape, everything was totally Patterson-Gimlin. I got a crazy deja vu watching it.

  3. And how exactly did he do that? Even the best Patti film is still to jittery and blurry at times to overlay it seamlessly. Maybe it looks like Patti because its the same species?

  4. Anonymous above is correct. After replaying and replaying, I don't see the part where Patty looks back. This is not Patty. Great footage!

  5. The look back is not added in...only the first few steps of patty and then just repeated over and over.Plus the size is not correct with the video..if this was a new "real" video of a sasquatch then it's about 5 inches tall.
    Having it small like that is how they make it look smooth.
    Ps - I was also the second poster..It's the patterson film....sorry guys.

  6. As the guy who shot this video, I am deeply honoured to have it considered to be the Patterson Film. Its a good thing there is You Tube because I didn't know what the "Patty film" is until now. Sorry Tom, I don't have the technology or the know how to do what you are suggesting. Feel free to conduct scientific analysis to prove your theory. My original tape is intact.

    Also, after reviewing your website, I realize I might have some information for you about the boomerang UFO as I saw one but all black in Victoria and I merely passed it off as some sort of military drone but I could not find a picture similar to what I saw until I saw your site, pretty weird eh? My cell phone camera could not capture a good photo of it. That was July 2009 I saw it and there were three witnesses (East Indian ladies, we all saw it).

  7. I really can't say if it's Bigfoot or not but it is a very believable video. I've done some white water canoeing on the Kootenay River years ago and it's prime habitat for the big guy. Nice capture Troy.

  8. @Troy Hunter - I will take a closer look at your video.As for the UFO...feel free to send me any pictures or stories...would love to have them.

  9. According to Troy hunters Linkedin profile and after viewing some of his other videos on youtube it is pretty clear you know to work with media/video.
    According to you linkedin profile you are very good at or have done:
    *Professor Cybermarketing / National Aboriginal Professional Artist Training
    *magazine editing
    *photography and website maintenance.
    *Multimedia Technician
    *Troy Hunter's Skills
    Photography, Communications, Legal Research Writing Skills, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Multimedia, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Exhibit Design, Visionary Thinking, International Law.

    Also the video you made asking your girlfriend to marry you was very good, anve very professional.

    Here is the breakdown!/video/video.php?v=10150346381715480


  10. Unless the camera broke or the "Bigfoot" vanished into thin air, there is no reason for this video to stop where it does. Frankly, this is pretty fishy to say the least.

  11. If I recall the battery was not charged and that was all I could get. It was three years ago so I don't recall the whole ordeal. I shot it using a handheld Sony Handycam and the batteries are not that powerful; much like a cell phone battery. All I can say is I shot what I saw, it was all natural and no manipulation. It is what it is.

  12. Yes, it is true about my credentials; however, I do not know how to cut a moving image and place it inside a video as is suggested. If you ask me, I think some Hollywood engineers could pull it off, they did for Forest Gump, but I assure you that this is all one moving picture and it has absolutely nothing to do with the so called Patterson film. I would love to see someone try to do it because it would just prove that it couldn't be done.

  13. Please watch the original Patterson film footage found here at

    There are two striking differences between these two footages, besides the trees, setting, lighting and all, they are: 1) the camera angle on the creature is different; and 2) the swinging of the arms does not match.

    There is no way the Patterson footage could be cut and repeated in a scene without it being so obvious; there would be a glitch.

    An example is the Matrix video where Neo sees the cat once, and then he sees it again, a repeated scene is obvious. Deja vu is usually a glitch in the matrix, it happens when they change something as seen here

  14. Not that hard to do..most new computers have something like this that you use your web cam and have a background of a city behind you.

    here is an overlay of the patterson film

    The one in troy's maybe not be the patterson footage but it does have many questions.

  15. I believe this is not a Bigfoot but the footage is in fact real. There has been controversy about whether or not I created this scene using cuts from another scene; it certainly is not a cut, its all real.

    What happened after I shot the video, I immediately drove my car to where the thing would emerge; I cut it off at the pass. First off, there was an empty car sitting beside the track. When it came out, at the very moment it came out, another vehicle pulled out of the parking lot at the Creston Valley Wildlife Centre, which was just behind me and that third vehicle drove past the empty car, my car and the thing that emerged. I believe that the other person driving the vehicle also saw the thing that emerged, it would have been very difficult not to.

    What I saw that day was a human being wearing some sort of bug screen on his head and what looked like a complete bug suit of some sort. He was walking with two dogs. I believe I had my 35mm camera ready to capture the best photos of a real sasquatch but man was I disappointed to see a man and a car. The look on the guys’ face was almost pure fright and I was so embarrassed for him, I couldn’t even take a picture of him.

    I left to continue my journey to drive to Cranbrook thinking that I was a victim of a hoaxer. All I could think about was that the beer brewery company in Creston was using the image of the sasquatch in their marketing efforts and that somehow this guy might have had something to do with it. What I didn’t think so much about was the other vehicle that sped off, maybe somebody was in the process of creating a video and I just happened to come along at the exact time and then I shot my own video.

    When I shot that video, I imagined I was really shooting a video of a sasquatch. I was as disappointed as many of you who read this will be as well and to you I apologize. Maybe that guy was just out for a walk with his dogs and he liked to go where the mosquitoes roam; I don’t know the full story only he does. Maybe the footage I shot was really a Bigfoot and this guy in a bugsuit just came out of nowhere out for an early stroll but based on a balance of probabilities, that guy was the same in the footage I shot.

    The weekend before I posted my video clip, I went to Cranbrook and retrieved all my videotapes. On Thursday night I found the three-year-old footage of what really, really does look like Bigfoot and without giving it much thought, I shared it to YouTube under Creative Commons - Attribution. If I recall, I didn’t do anything with this footage because I believed it was not Bigfoot and that it would only serve to help sell more beer for a beer brewing company, “It’s the beer out here”.

    The day after I posted the video, there were people who said I made this footage by mixing the Patterson-Gimley footage into a different scene; it is all real, 100%. It is exactly as I saw it that day as I was passing by. Now that I have been asked about why I waited three years to reveal this footage, you have the answer. I am not a hoaxer, I just posted what I saw and then I defended the fact it is an intact footage.

    Before this gets carried away, I felt it was important to share the rest of the story with you and I thank all the skeptics who were very skeptical, you know who you are and I thank you and please accept my apology for not explaining everything I knew about this footage right from the start.

    As a result of posting, I had the opportunity this past weekend to do some research. As for Bigfoot, yes, I am a believer and yes, we have stories, and I may have seen one in 1985 as well as evidence in the 1970s in the Creston Flats. I was able to do some learning through various online blogs and videos, etc. I have a very strong theory about a particular Bigfoot story and I wish to shed light on in the future. Just remember that all I did was present original footage and respond to questions and comments that came out, since you have asked; now you have the full story.

  16. Huh? So, the video was posted as Creston Flats Bigfoot when it was known to be a "human being wearing some sort of bug screen?"

  17. If you say it looks like the Patterson film and this video actually turned out to be a guy in a bug suit, doesn't that show that the Patterson film was actually a guy in a suit, especially if they walked the same?

  18. hmmm this could b real the figure walks exactly like the Patterson bigfoot.