Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Forest goes Bigfoot hunting in Flagstaff, AZ

Hilarious Sign on AZ Mountain Lookout

We were wondering why our good friend Sharon of Autumn Forest Ghost Hunter Blog was so quiet this past weekend. We thought maybe she was busy ghost hunting, or maybe deer hunting.

Much to our surprise... she was Bigfoot hunting!

On her blog today, she posted some funny videos and pictures and talked a little bit about what they saw and heard on the expedition.

We're so jealous of her right now... Check out her article: click here.


  1. Hey, thanks. It was actually Flagstaff. We drove home through Sedona so we could hit the woo-woo shops. Yeah, sometimes I don't mind having my aura photo read. :-) Tomorrow expect the serious post on the hunt.

  2. corrected :) i'm still jealous though.

  3. Hoax. Faker. Oh wait, that's normally AF's job, right? She's usually first in line to call anyone's account a hoax. So, I think we should extend the same courtesy to her and any of her stories. Especially when she has zero proof. Frankly, allowing her story to be posted cheapens all your efforts here.