Friday, July 29, 2011

Justin Smeja identified as Sierra Bigfoot shooter, Robert Lindsay confirms

A screenshot of the thread where it is suggested
that Justin Smeja is the person who wrote the original
Sierra Kills thread in November 2010.

Robert Lindsay has been holding his tongue about the identity of the Bigfoot shooter for at least 3 weeks now, and he cannot hold it any longer. The word is out, and all the evidence is pointing towards Justin Smeja. Robert has been in contact with Justin and gotten him in touch with an attorney. Robert hopes that she can make a deal with him with the Feds for amnesty in case they are going to charge him over this incident.

In defense of Justin Smeja, I say he was just an average bear hunter doing what hunters do. He didn't know what a Bigfoot was at the time of the shooting, and all that was on his mind he were bears. When he encountered a strange up-right creature waving it's arm in the air, he felt threaten and probably confused, so he simply shot and killed the creature. The evolving stories says that he had killed two Bigfoots, a mother and a juvenile (possibly toddler). Smeja returned to the site later that year to take a sample of the Bigfoot's flesh or whatever was left of it and sent it over to the Olympic Project for DNA testing. You can read the whole story by clicking here.

Although Robert is not the first to reveal Justin's identity, he was definitely the first to bring the Sierra Kills to light. Justin Smeja's name was mentioned on various forums and blogs, but the identity of the shooter was uncertain and unknown to most people... until now. Robert Lindsay posted this on his blog today:

Justin Smeja was introduced to Derek Randles after an encounter with a Sasquatch in the mountains of Northern Ca.  Texas native, he now makes his home near Sacremento California and works in the construction trade.  Avid hunter, tracker and fisherman, Justin specializes in scent control and camera set up.

Justin Smeja identified as Sierra Kills shooter. We can now confirm that Justin Smeja is the Sierra Kills shooter who supposedly shot and killed two Bigfoots in Plumas County, California in October 2010. I tried to keep his name a secret for 3 1/2 weeks, but now that he has been outed on various blogs and forums, there’s no need for secrecy anymore. From a screenshot on, forum participants found evidence the Smeja was the author of the thread.

Additional evidence was provided by an email from George Roof of confirming that Justin Smeja did indeed write the post on that site where he admitted that he shot and killed the two Bigfoots. Here is the email:

From: Justin
Date: Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 11:06 PM
Subject: George Roof and Bigfoots!!
To: George Roof

You do know that someone has been writing about you on the internet, saying you shut down a thread at Taxidermy at the request of a guy who was being harassed for shooting 2 Bigfoots, right?

Feel free to deny this and your knowledge of who this shooter is at anytime, so that your name is not involved in this crazy business anymore. Feel free to call out Ken Walker and Robert Lindsay as liars, if you can.

From: George Roof
Date: Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 6:03 AM
Subject: Re: George Roof and Bigfoots!!
To: Justin

Well then I guess you’re just out of luck then. You see I DID at the direct request of Jason Smeja ask the site administrator to close the post. Smeja claimed he was getting threatening emails. Now man-up and apologize to those two.

Smeja in danger due to being outed? Someone emailed me concerned that Smeja was in danger from crazy animal rights types now that he has been outed. This person felt that one of these anti-hunter types might try to harm or even kill Smeja. I do not think that there is any risk of that, but I do feel protective of Smeja. I have his address and phone number, but I am not giving it out. In addition, I put him in touch with an attorney in hopes that she can make a deal with him with the Feds for amnesty in case they are going to charge him over this incident.

Book and movie deal for Smeja? There are rumors that Smeja has been offered a $500,000 book and movie deal based on the Sierra Kills incident. I can’t confirm this rumor in any way; it’s just flying around.

Feds interested in the Sierra Kills? According to admittedly third hand and further away sources, the federal government is aware of what happened in the Sierra Kills, and they are closely monitoring the situation.

What exactly this means is not certain – whether they think the incident really occurred, whether they think it is a hoax, etc., no one really knows. But the source who received this information was told by his contacts in a federal investigative agency to “keep out of it and don’t get involved if you know what’s good for you.” What exactly this cryptic comment means is also unknown.

Ketchum DNA report delayed again. The Ketchum DNA report was sent out for peer review in early January. It was accepted for peer review about one month later. This means that the journal felt that the science behind the paper was basically sound and the paper would not be rejected, although it could be sent back for a rewrite ranging from minor to major. The paper was supposed to be through peer review first in late spring. Next it was said that the paper would be done by July.

The latest from Ketchum herself is that the paper will not be done until November or at the latest, the end of the year. I’m sick and tired of waiting for this paper, and I am starting to wonder if it is ever coming out.

Ketchum Project a one woman show? Richard Stubstad has argued on this site that Ketchum’s report is a one woman show. He suggested that the paper would have only one author, Ketchum, and no co-authors. This view has now been shown to be incorrect. The latest news is that Ketchum’s paper is authored by her and six co-authors.



  1. A young guy didn't know what a Bigfoot was? Please.

  2. "Crazy animal rights types" versus crazy hunters shooting bipeds in the woods? I think I know who scares me more.

  3. Is it Justin or Jason Smeja? George Roof's emails says 'Jason' - everything else seem to say Justin. I'd like to hear first (or second) hand from the other hunter(s?)
    Was this young guy really threatened? Ya, they could have jumped back in the truck, but the glass in the windshield of a pickup may not have offered much protection from an angry, protective mom! More often than not, when you hear of a bear attack, its when cubs are involved. I'm gonna hold judgment for now.

  4. I doubt very much if Justin Smeja gets charged with shooting any Sasquatch and that comes from very informed sources.

    Please remember it was the late Dr. Grover Krantz who said in Bigfoot Prints that the first person who shot a BF would get a medal and the second would go to jail. We'll have to wait to see if his prophecy is fulfilled.

    The real question should be what impact if any will a verified DNA analysis have on Bigfoot Research?

    Personally, I think maybe not much since a body will still be required for taxonomical classification. My best

  5. I just saw the show Monsters and Mysteries and feel absolutely sick that Mr. Smeja felt he had to shoot a little one as well.

    Creatures don't need to be slaughtered just so someone can feel believed or validated. Especially, after his friend begged him to not shoot.

    Too bad he didn't have a video camera, camera or even a cell phone with either option, or did he?

    Would've been better than wounding and killing something just because it's not understood.

    Really is pathetic and very sad.

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  7. Justin said he had to shoot because there was a monster in the woods the monster was holding her arms up. How is that threating to anyone. The real monster in the woods that day was Justin thinking it looks scary so kill it and then shooting a baby bigfoot what a ass. He makes hunters and gun owners look like bad people when most of would never done what Justin did.