Thursday, June 9, 2011

FB/FB: What is the Best evidence that Sasquatch exists?

FB/FB or Facebook Find Bigfoot presents their best evidence for the existence of Bigfoot. Watch it. It's well worth the 3 minutes. You can visit FB/FB by click here

Sasquatch Feet v. Human feet.

Video description:
This is a compilation of the vast number of footprints and their distribution of length and width. The average size of a Sasquatch track is 15.6 inches. that is the same length as the largest foot of a living human. We have put a video at the end of the largest human foot.



  1. woe,these fbfb are crazy people. they speak in facts about a myth that there,so far, is 1 50yearold film[patty seems a hoax to me,ant be bthered explaining why but its thesame as the other sceptics but mainly thefact patterson drew the effin thinga year later,nigh impossible]. all theother films are fleting blobs, hoaxes ot illusions,apart from the obvious hoaxes. if this blog was suppossed to convince

    its north america we r taking about noy nepal. heat seeking equipmen,trail cams and we all walk aboyt with cell phones and all we have is fuzzy/blurry nothing. yet take a pic of a rabbit/deermoving and its clear as day
    why no face shots
    why always 1 shot
    why o bones
    why no dna
    why no bodies
    why no
    why no
    etc etc etc

    there is n evidence.if we are going by footprints and eyewitness accounts. the loch ness momster had footprints[yes people swore the saw it on land]. we are talking pastors and policemen too,seriously! so these evidence is crap as is the loch ness monster. science no tells us people saw a sturgeon breaking the water or swimmng. they are 12feet long. end of myth

    same a BF,just a myth. show m the eidence. is thi it? shit they have zip sadly. i'll check in from time to time in the hope but deep don i think u all know its a childhood dream and utter shit

    10ft 800pd apemen walking about north america unseen for centuries with no prooff
    . i feel stupid evenwriting his never mnd believing it


  2. Why would you put this up. Fb/Fb is a joke please don't become one too.

    1. I support this statement. Actually post evidence that is substantiated not, well what do you think?