Leaked Erickson Project Bigfoot DNA Study: 97% chance that sasquatch in fact does exist

The Erickson Project or Sasquatch the Quest Documentary

Privately funded since 2005, The Erickson Project is actively researching sasquatch at various study sites in North America. The goal of Adrian Erickson and his team is to have the collected evidence validated by science and the sasquatch officially recognized as a species or sub-species.

New leaked article revealed Bigfoots are halfway between Homo sapiens and Neandertal. We say it was leaked because this ground breaking information was expected to be announced by Dr. Melba Ketchum on the Erickson Project documentary. Dr. Ketchum is leading the DNA project, and she's not happy about the leak. Not letting Stubstad steal her thunder, Dr. Ketchum states in an email, "Richard Stubstad is misinformed about the results and outcome of the project."

Written as a third person article, Richard Stubstat on his website writes:
Accordingly, Richard’s statistical conclusion from only having analyzed the mitochondrial (prehistoric maternal origins) sequencing of these first two samples alone is that there is a 97-98 % certainty that the sasquai indeed exist—right outside of our own back door, so to speak!

On the website, he also coined a new term: sasquai (the plural version of sasquatch—hereby officially coined)
Richard Stubstad
Richard had absolutely no knowledge of or interest in sasquatch until the summer of 2009, when he attended a Stubstad family reunion in Kansas and his cousin Gordy called him “narrow minded” for not bothering to look into the matter. Since this insulted him to no end, he agreed to do so. Much to his surprise, the documented evidence in favor of the existence of a hominid called sasquatch (or bigfoot) was convincing enough to further perk his interest. Suddenly it dawned on Richard that the science of DNA forensic analysis had matured and had already been utilized for all sorts of scientific “proof”, including the genetic mapping of the evolutionary tree of life from a scientific point of view and the placement in this tree of life of a well-known, extinct hominid—Neanderthal man. Ergo—by obtaining DNA samples from several purported sasquai (the plural version of sasquatch—hereby officially coined) and “connecting the dots” as it were, it could be determined once and for all whether or not such a hominid actually exists—without needing a “type” specimen (a body)...

Here's the article from Richard Substad:
I know most of the “players” involved in the DNA work; in fact, I have helped in some of the analyses from a statistical point of view. I have no prejudice as to whether the sasquai exist or not, but from the DNA I have seen and analyzed, I’ll give it a 97% chance that sasquatch in fact does exist (therefore no caps on the words sasquatch or the plural form sasquai).

As far as the exact race or species – I primarily have seen only some of the mtDNA sequences; that part is 100% Homo sapiens sapiens (assuming the samples I have seen are not hoaxes). Still, sasquatch could possibly be a hybrid species that is reproductively viable.

I doubt that Dr. Ketchum’s is the only DNA lab working on “Bigfoot DNA.” I believe (but don’t know for sure) that at least one, and possibly two or three others labs, are also working on Bigfoot DNA.

I favor the new hominid designation: “Homo sapiens sesqueqiencis”, in part in deference to a Plains American Indian tribe’s spelling of sasquatch and in part in deference to the newly-discovered ability of Neanderthal Man to mate with Cro Magnon et al., thus officially Neanderthal is now called: “Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis” (with a capital “N” because Neanderthal Man is reportedly extinct).

Based on the mtDNA of several purported sasquatch samples, statistically the “sapiens” part of the above-suggested Latin name is 97% certain.

Unless the whole thing is one huge and well-coordinated hoax.

I doubt it; some of the sasquatch players who have provided confirming samples would never cooperate with one another – never in a million years.

For you skeptics, put that in your pipes and smoke it.




  1. Richard Stubstad here:
    I hadn't noticed this post even though it involves some of the materials I have written.
    A few "issues":
    1) This wasn't intended to be a leak. Since I am no longer working with Dr. Ketchum according to her own personal desires, I am simply reporting on the work I did, without assistance, on the mtDNA analysis of the first two unspecified mtDNA samples.
    2) Dr. K is incorrect; I'm not at all "misinformed" about her ongoing DNA work on various purported sasquatch samples; I'm not informed whatsoever, much beyond what I have already stated.
    3) What I stated was not the result of Dr. K's own work; she merely provided the mtDNA sequencing that others (who provided samples) had paid for. I also paid for some of the testing involved out of my own pocket.
    4) Dr. K did not initially notice the close connection between Samples 1 and 2; I did the statistical analysis and told her, quite openly, of the statistical results since we and several others were intimately involved in this exciting and cooperative research when it started.
    5) Within a short period of time, she excluded me from what quickly turned into "her" project, along with several others. She told me that her lawyer(s) told her to do so. This does resemble the smell of blood, eh?
    6) I already stated I know very little about the nuDNA results; even though I (and others) paid for both the mtDNA and nuDNA testing. She has not informed anyone else I know about of the actual DNA sequences from either the nuDNA analyses or much about any further mtDNA results, also presumably upon the advice of counsel.
    7) I doubt that a "one woman show" will do much if anything to convince the scientific community (through a peer reviewed paper, as originally agreed to in partnership with Dr. K about the existence of sasquatch).
    8) A peer-reviewed scientific journal article generally involve at least a half-dozen, sometimes even two dozen or more, co-authors. That approach would work if carried out properly and objectively, but how are we to get that far without cooperating amongst ourselves in the sasquatch/bigfoot research community, let alone with other "neutral" and objective co-scientists?
    9) I never stated that the Erickson Project was involved; in fact I didn't state WHO was involved at all. Only that two DIFFERENT and totally disparate groups or individuals were involved with the first two samples tested. See the two links below for clues about whom Dr. K may now be working with:
    10) To my knowledge at least, neither of the two above links are associated whatsoever with the Erickson project. It remains to be seen who ends up in the tent aiming out or outside the tent aiming in, to put it politely. For more information about the Erickson Project, see link:
    11) If you read the materials on this link, then you know pretty much what I do about the Erickson project. Again, I do not know to what extent Dr. K is still connected to the Erickson project, or the other two projects listed under #10 above, or all three of the above (highly doubtful).
    12) Lastly, for more information on some of my own analyses (this is NOT a “leak” about anyone else’s work), see the link:
    Richard Stubstad, P.E.
    Engineering and Statistical Consulting

  2. Wow millions wasted for "research" for something that doesnt exist! Mainstream science wont investigate these supposed animals because it would hurt their evolutionary BS story of mans origin!We cant be living with our ancestors that supposedly died off 10,-40,000 years ago! Oh the foolishness of man

    1. No phil while I agree that Bigfoot likely doesn't exist, your claim that it's discovery would "hurt their evolutionary BS story of mans origin!We cant be living with our ancestors that supposedly died off 10,-40,000 years ago!" This is a patently false claim, evolutionary history does not dictate that an common ancestral species has to die out all it indicates is simply that Bigfoot and man would share a hypothetical common ancestor somewhere in their shared history (meaning that one previous species had a speciation event that led to two populations being genetically different enough to stop being genetically compatible (the generally accepted concept of a 'species' with some caveats) and those two populations coexisted changing from however long ago that speciation event was and the two extant species live together (same as chimpanzees and humans, snakes and lizards, whales and hippos [I know both of the previous examples are not individual species but rather groups of individual species, but the point still holds]. It would not affect any sort of evolutionary phylogeny, nor affect one of the most well-supported scientific theories in modern history.

    2. Weakest argument for Darwinian Evolution I ever heard Hunter. That's really some A priori cart before the horse argumentation there. The Worldwide zoological phenomena is many more or less bipedal families, genus, species with some hybriding between themselves & even raped Homo Neanderthal & Sapiens. Many cryptozoological investigators. whether from Australia, India, USA are of the conclusion a main reason for suppression/classification is the paradigm destruction of Darwinian Scientism theories. Evolution is not creation on the installment plan zap here & zap there Hopeful monster. It is asaption to survive of the fittest. How can the mamy many "missing links", stages from common ancestors, and parents, grandparents "archaic Erectus/pre-Erectus", Zinjanthropus, Australopithecenes, Gigantos, & countless other bipedal great & small be all currently living contemporaneous souless animals living alongside Sapiens Sapiens & Neanderthals even in the same niche & not superceded. This would be evidence AGAINST Darwinism, as the "wikileaks" as it were, smuggled out internal UK govt/scientific secret classified document on "if the Loch Ness Monster were to be discovered by the public (how would we spin this to save face & maintain our credibility)"

      Be Afraid, because the UK Scientism Eastablishment was very afraid.

    3. The "mythical" mountain gorilla of africa was a tribal myth until 1950. Too many people, reporting and not reporting have had extremely close encounters with these animals, in desolate places. They cant all be hoaxes, mistaken identities or high campers.

    4. yeah Phil, i'm not a bigfoot advocate (nor do i sway completely the other way) but it's your statement that's foolish since species are able to branch off and indeed species have lived on the planet with their evolutionary cousins despite the genetic break: all cold blooded creatures, all reptiles have common ancestors yet live on the planet together, not to mention there are creatures who evolved from croc like creatures, yet crocs still exist almost unchanged for eons.

  3. I believe the term Sasquatch refers to a single animal, and Sasquai is the plural. So you would say "Sasquai are" and "a Sasquatch is." This is a new word and I don't know how well it will catch on, but there's no need to use it if it simply means the exact same thing as "Sasquatch."

  4. If DNA analysis proves they exist, then they exist.
    DNA analysis has proven that a 3rd hominid species the "Denisovians" existed at the same time as when Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens were interbreeding. This was proven after only founding a finger bone, a toe bone and a tooth in Siberia.
    Furthermore, after sequencing Denisovian DNA; it was found that Denisovians had interbred with Naenderthal in Northern Asia and Homo Sapiens in Southern Asia. Denisovian DNA still exists today much like Neanderthal DNA exists today in the Modern Human population.
    It's not a far stretch to imagine that Sasquatch may be an evolutionary result of similar crossbreeding that probably happened around the same time.

  5. Baloney

    All "mito" results confirm is the countless reports that Sasquatch in all its various Hybridized Families (if Heuvelmans & the new Skookum book is correct on the South American bipedal "Black Devils" reverse migration partial origin), & Bering Land Bridge Yeti, Giganto, pre-Peking Man & Russian pre-super robust Australopithecene types (Almas & Yerens)mish mash of raped hybrids hybridizing enough further toward Neanderthal & Sapiens genetic similarity to successfull mate (rape) and reproduce with Sapiens in recent Centuries & Millenia.

    Just confirming the numerous eyewitness reports of North American Colonist, Asian, European, & Indian women being hidnapped, raped & impregnated to viable birth by various type of Bigfoots.

    1. That is terrifying... My new worst fear is being kidnapped and raped by Bigfoots. :(

    2. Both of you are idiots!

  6. Don't you peeps know? BF (Yeti) followed Paleo-Indian across the land bridge into N. America for the girls!Ah yea, BF's love that Paleo...

  7. thats good,being a brit with an interest in B isnt easy, so at least i know what the erickson projev=ct s. should be good. aslo the jeff meldrew dns study data.you hear but i couldnt find what it was about

    the sierr kills is the next thing i need cleared up. its a statment used in many comments about BF. i have no idea what itsabout.somebody cangive me a quick rundown of what it entails. i would appreciate and check this blog nxt week in hope someone answer
    Thanks guys
    a Brit wanting to believe

  8. Those who say this is bs you need to get your lazy rear out in the woods. I'm Forty eight and had numerous close encounters with witnesses. So you do souls like a arm chair lazy ass to those who do get out there go watch cartoon movies with your kids .

  9. In 2011 I was with a investigator at my swamp cabin Florida. We witnessed seven sets of self illuminated red eyes all exactly wit foot tall lined up in front of my cabin twenty feet away. This was after two of the same sightings hundreds of yards away as if we were stalked walking to the cabin ! No noise just standing and looking at us ! The following weekend I had one set only as soon as I pulled up gave chase and I heard nothing retreating ? These accounts were at two am and ten miles from cedar key .

  10. The correction for the red self illuminated eyes. The eyes were all eight feet tall. They actually looks like crossed fingers about one inch in size. The first account no flash lit was used I have three others including me that have seen this, one many years ago and this past year in twenty five years of owning I have not encountered this however we have has numerous BF encounters. This I do not thin was a physical phenomenon ?

  11. It 4k Bigfoots, yeti's, or sasqash... Why do I say that. Look at the facts you see deer,bears, even animals that are rarely seen by people on film. But u Never actually get a Bigfoot pic less that 30 to 40 yards away. Show me 1 up close, doin what native wild animals supposed to do and I'll agree with you guys about the vast population of the yeti/sasqash.....Bigfoot.

  12. What a joke. He defends the fact that no one has found bones of a sasquatch because no one has found bones of black bear, mountain lion, or Wolf.

    First, i doubt no one has EVER found bones of a mountain lin, black bear, or wolf that has died of natural causes. But we dont even need to "find" those animals bones because hundreds have already been killed, captured, even bred in captivity.

    Second, to claim there could be 9000 sasquatch and still defend this hoax for 50 years now is either totally ridiculous for anyone other than those just trying to make a buck.

    1. It shows that finding bones is an almost impossible happenstance that one can not hope for. A species that has evolved alongside us and our forefathers and survived must be quite advanced and extremly well adapted towards us AND all other threats through their history like giant wolves, hyenas, large cats and others of their own kind like we are adapted to surviving encounters with other humans, which are very dangerous, living in areas which we do not favour (swamps & forest & higher altitudes) and taking the nightshift and sneaking around when we are not about seems quite logical and there is an other species that has done this and prosper and that is the Leopard of which there are more off than all the other big cats put together and over a very large area of the world.

  13. Maybe sasquatch bury/hide, or in some other way, hide their dead. They work so hard to remain unseen by us (can't blame them one bit!)They are very intelligent, I have no trouble believing the sasquatch are able to hide all their lives from us - birth to death.

  14. These Drama Queens have no real evidence.

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