Real Creature Encounters

From the What Lurks above channel on youtube comes a collection of creature encounter stories. Not just bigfoot roams the woods.


  1. Lesson for today- myths don't leave tracks, real creatures do. Real creatures also toss rocks and chase hunters
    That is your lesson for today , hope you learned


    1. ^ Hmmm...wonder how the hoaxers got around that problem?


      Probably with a piece of wood almost as thick as your skull.

    2. You mean the same hoaxers who have been going around for thousands of years leaving tracks in every state around every bend in the forest even places where humans rarely go ? Who runs this huge army or is it just one person who is eternal and has oh so much time on their hands to jet all over and do this ? Your logic is flawed mate. Perhaps if you stopped dreaming about the vicar's knickers and started making sense you'd clearly see that it's a real living breathing creature that has eluded humans for generations and they like being left alone as surely you must know the same feeling


    3. Here we go PS;

      ... Go get a refresher on your failed arguments regarding stompers.

    4. ^ the original paedophile - find it ALL in this blog is there for all to see.

    5. Jesus. What’s audacious is you chase people around asking them if they have some emotional attachment to the subject.

      Safe to say you’re a little upset there PS?

      And might I remind you that you were actually reported to the US authorities for your child rape intimidation around here - yet more evidence you can’t control your emotions when getting beaten around the head with facts.


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