Hillbilly Beast Attack

From MonsterQuest: The Hillbilly Beast Attack!


  1. If you read this comment, it's time to get your affairs in order. You have Covid-19.
    If you want to live you MUST follow these directions precisely:
    1 Find a large raw potato
    2 Find white powdered dog poo
    3 Mash ingredients in mortar and pestle.
    4 Apply to hair generously 2 x daily.
    5. Call your local Republican representative and demand that Trump fire Mike Pencildick immediately and replace him with Sean Hannity
    6 You now have a 70 percent chance of dying.

    1. ^ Dildo rammed just way too far up jacksy, resulting in impaired mental function.

    2. Jacksy is from Hobbits movie😂, very informative 👍


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