Dogman On The Prowl

Check out this marathon of encounter stories from the Dixie Cryptid channel, including Dogman on the Prowl.


  1. As a pilgrim in the Church of Johnson I pity you fools who chase phantoms, play too boo with each other and beat sticks against trees awaiting another group of investigators to respond in kind. If you would personally invite Zorg into your life you will have truly enviious powers, healing, telepathy, precognition and remote viewing to mention just a few. Of course Zorg is one of the " principalities and powers" Christians are warned against so you will be for all intents and purposes possessed by an evil entity bent on destroying not only your life but the lives of your loved ones. Your soul is of course gone too. "Johnson calls this toy for tat", and downplays the fact that you will be utterly destroyed We Reonce these evil beings have wrung the last bit of humanity out of you. To guard oneself; do not be like Johnson, Trump, or any other malignant narcissist. We are in grave danger and not even our ancient religous texts will help us now. Stand up and Fight. We are God's in the making.

    1. ^ allows himself secret masturbation twice a night.....wipes with a sock.


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