Ape Man On The Roof

From the Sstories channel on youtube comes a bigfoot encounter story, slow burn style, about what was described as a deformed ape man on the roof.


  1. British historian Dr. Mark Felton produces excellent mini-documentaries related to military history. I was pleasantly surprised to see that his latest documentary is about the Rock Ape, the hairy bipedal creature encountered by American soldiers in the jungles during the Vietnam War. Here is the link to this very interesting documentary:


    If you enjoy Word War II military history and other eras of military history as well, definitely check out Dr. Felton's many excellent, well done, interesting and informative mini-documentaries available on YouTube.

    1. Well done documentary. The rock ape must be real. It is not likely that so many reports from Vietnam could all be lies or misidentification.

    2. ^ No of course not - those commies always tell the truth---they`re known for their veracity.

      Aren`t they ?


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