Turkey Hunter Has Unbelievable Bigfoot Encounter

A turkey hunter in Florida shares the multiple encounters with bigfoot they had in the Green Swamp that all led to an amazing event you have to hear to believe.


  1. Steve the Hunter is a lunatic of legendary proportions. He not only attacked the character of John Green, Gimlin, Bindernagel, Meldrum, called certain individuals Boar and Coonbore. He's recently rehashing the years old Davis/Patty massacre narrative as if he's stumbled on to some smoking gun conspiracy.

  2. There`s ONLY one Turkey here - goes by the name of Joe...hurry up and GO you squawking fool.

    1. Why would you say that? is it because i believe in bigfoot and am self confident while you are just a pathetic hobbit !


    2. ^ ruffled feathers and squawks from the blogsite turkey


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