Bigfoot tried To Get In The Boat

From the Sstories channel on youtube, imagine how terrifying it would be if a bigfoot tried to climb into your boat. Check out the story.


  1. Breaking News Alert - Well known Wes Germer sycophant, Knobby has intimated he would give HowtoHunts's Steve a beat down he "won't forget". He is quoted as saying that Wes Germer is a "Saint of a man" and that he is "better than Jesus". When confronted with Germers numerous lies about he and brother Woody's fictious encounter, , he replied " Someone is cruisin for a brusin".

  2. Who is the biggest jerk? How to Hunts Steve or Germer sycophant Knobby?

  3. BRITISH anonymous posters hand down are the posters we want off this sites .leave losers


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