Bigfoot Warning Whistle

From the Phantoms and Monsters blog: Hairy Man's Warning Whistle

I've been reading so many theories about Bigfoot, to me, it's somewhat comical. I believe that certain people are allowed to witness these creatures, in particular those people who have traditionally lived among them. I'm not sure what other people are seeing.

My family has lived in Jackson County, NC for as long as anyone can remember. We are Cherokee. There are stories of 'Stone Man' or hairy savages seen by our people historically throughout the Qualla Boundary. I have a story told to me by my Grandfather when I was a boy.

Grandpa Parker talked about the large garden and cornfields his parents maintained. They would grow heirloom bean and tomato varieties that came from hundreds of years in Cherokee culture. They kept a few field animals, but at that time, they didn't raise livestock.

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