Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter

From Buckeye Bigfoot comes a terrifying bigfoot encounter story where a creature was seen eating an animal skull.


  1. If bigfoot isn't proven to exist in 2020, then it doesn't exist and is only folklore. Not proving their existence can't go on this long.

    1. You’re not qualified enough to make that request Eggs. And to anyone who is able to understand the frequency of evidence; it’s proven. Don’t like it? Spend 2020 doing something with your existence and finally make that name for yourself that you’re so desperate for, debunk Bigfoot.

    2. Listen Rum. Have you got definitive proof that bigfoot exist? Nope. Do you have the proof that will convince science? Nope.
      Then Shad Ap.

    3. In fact, I do Eggs. I can reference the definitive evidence for a giant archaic foot coming into contact with the ground all over the US & Canada. And to establish what type of creature left that archaic footprint, I can show footage of the creature in the act. As for science, it is not some freethinking entity that gets to choose what is legitimate, it is a tool that’s been successfully applied to determine said evidence. If it’s scientists you’re requesting... there’s a long list. And I can now add Mayor to that list too.

      Meltdown in 5...4...3...2...1...

    4. And the oscar for wanker sockpuppet of the year goes to.....PS/DS ! free thinking and PS do not go well together . What a crummy life he must lead to spend so much time on this blog on a subject he does not believe in. He's in meltdown mode after exp[edition bigfoot ! bloody marvelous ! Mayor is his VanHelsing !


    5. LOL Joketomi. Do you realize how foolish you sound. If you had actual definitive proof, science would accept the existence of bigfoot and there would be no mystery about its existence. But of course, all you have is "evidence" that will prove nothing and convince no one except those who already believe that sasquatches exist.

    6. Wrong again.

      The current state of evidence has in recent times been more than ample when documenting the existence of another man-sized primate in Africa. The problem is that this subject has the bar set far higher in that there is a requirement for extraordinary evidence.

      Given the subject’s extraordinary nature, it means that a source of footage will [until a reputable study is in place] always be rebuked however impossible to hoax, no matter how genuine... which leaves the physical evidence that normally would be good enough for any other primate below the bar which is already set way higher than any mammal being documented. It means people who are ignorant of the frequency of evidence, and the people who NEED this subject to be bunk because they’ve invested years in making themselves feel clever by labelling themselves “sceptics”... will need to have their noses rubbed in a dead Bigfoot before they finally concede, or are openly honest with themselves that it’s real.

      Take that high bar away and there is ample scientific proof already. And educate any open-minded scientist who has time to take in the frequency of evidence and they end up being positive to the subject... which is what happens every time. That’s unless they’re lazy and need to make a buck off the hoax cult religion who are in turn easily set straight with facts.

    7. LOL. So, in other words, you've got no proof to give science to cause all scientists everywhere to admit / acknowledge the existence of sasquatches.

    8. I would say learn to read. If you invest as much importance as you do in the comparison of other primates, you inadvertently admit that the current state of evidence for Sasquatch is ample by the standard of which some of those primates have been documented to exist. And what mainstream scientists are aware of with respect to this subject means little for the legitimacy of the evidence.

    9. Ummm.......You've still got nothing as far as the absolute proof that will convince science and end the bigfoot mystery once and for all. If you had actual irrefutable proof, you would be the famous guy who goes down in history as the person who proved that bigfoot exists.

    10. Yet I can find no scientist that can refute that proof. You’re welcome to try of course... that’s what big boys tend to do, put their money where their mouths are. What’s your excuse?

      Oh, and I only reference the evidence. It would be irrational to claim credit for it pal.

    11. ... which (in your little Freudian slip), is what you’re worried about more than anything of course. Someone finding that evidence that you were too lazy to get yourself.


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