Supernatural Creatures Come To Life

The amazing artist, Daniel Chudzinski, will have some of his works on display in Ohio of creatures from folklore.

An exhibition that features life-size interpretations of Ohio’s most famous urban legends by a local artist and curator opens next week at the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums in Fremont.

Ohio: An Unnatural History features the work of Daniel Chudzinski, a Fremont native who is the curator of the Mazza Museum at the University of Findlay. He will bring to life such creatures of folklore as the Lake Erie Monster, Dogman of Defiance, the Ohio Grassman (Bigfoot), and other creatures through life-size digitally painted renderings commissioned by the Hayes center.

Several of Chudzinski’s creature-related, mixed-media sculptures will also be on display.

“Throughout my life, I have sought out Ohio’s curious and unusual creatures, hoping to catch a glimpse of something truly spectacular. I am fortunate to have this unique opportunity to bring those creatures to fruition, which has proven to be extremely fulfilling to my inner 4-year-old,” Chudzinski said in a statement.

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  1. This is what DS should have done with all of his spare time. Taking photos of trees and then using sharpies to outline imaginary creatures that were really bark just seems so lo tech compared to Chudzinski’s amazing talent. No contest here mates, hands down this is far more grand



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