Lame Boring Bigfoot Encounters?

Lame and boring bigfoot encounters? What the heck is Dixie Cryptid talking about?


  1. Lame and boring describes some of the recent television shows about bigfoot. It also describes what this website has become. Believe it or not, years ago, this site was a forum for thoughtful, serious discussions about the bigfoot mystery.

    1. ... Until you harassed everyone away so you could sockpuppet a series of childish characters talking the yourself, laughing to yourself like you were funny.

    2. Pay no attention to Joetomi Anon: 6:47. It's hollow talk when he does the same exact thing he accuses you of. He can't suffer the though of there being more than one person who disagrees with his nonsense. Even most Bigfoot enthusiasts now realize the TV shows are meant for entertainment not serious science or exploration. The reason there are less people commenting is that most realize that as the years go by there is less chance of Bigfoot being real and have moved on.

    3. “He can't suffer the though [sic] of there being more than one person who disagrees with his nonsense.”

      Here we have the fundamental reason behind sockpuppeting, because users have no confidence in their arguments, especially the likes of you when role playing against the idea of Bigfoot.

      “AnonymousMonday, December 9, 2019 at 6:59:00 PM PST
      In any case Joetomi you know have a expedition armed with the latest gadgetry, with a prolonged stay in the field in a Bigfoot hotspot with a professional Primatologist and other experts hunting it.“

      It never gets old publishing that little quote from you boyo. How many more weeks are you going to continue to cry about Expedition Bigfoot? And whilst eyewitness reports increase yearly, footage and physical evidence roles in yearly, and more and more scientists endorse the evidence, one simply had to ask... where are the hoax sceptics gone? They should be running ragged around here celebrating, surely?

    4. I did indeed make that quote because it's EXACTLY what you have asked for to prove your case Bigfoot exists and now that it has come to pass where did it get you? As I said above even those who believe in Bigfoot now consider that latest show a joke. Can't wait for that promised review of the show from you but it's a foregone conclusion that you will overwhelmingly endorse it and consider their findings proof positive of Bigfoot's existence. Strange how eyewitnesses are supposedly increasing yet still no proof of it's existence. Just think - ONE body could change all that. That's all you need and case closed. Funny how no one seems to be able to achieve that.

    5. Nope! What I’ve drawn comparison upon when you claim Bigfoot is done, are expeditions in primatology that require time, resources and expertise. I don’t need that type of thing invested in North America because I already can point to evidence that is more than enough proof. Footage, physical evidence is all that was needed for another man sized primate in the Congo, it’s good enough for me when considering the same for North America.

      Some people who consider that programme a joke, still invest full confidence in Bigfoot existing. Some people who consider the PGF a hoax, still invest full confidence in Bigfoot existing. They do this because there is still enough evidence outside of both those sources to do so. Not to mention that the Bigfoot field, full of self-proclaimed researchers, is full of bitter people who back-stab and slander each other constantly... facts are you bigged that show up and it ended up having two primatologists endorsing the evidence in it. End of.

      The irony is that you hold these TV shows, such as Finding Bigfoot & Bigfoot Files in such high regard when they find nothing. Sykes & Disottell’s paid opinion when they’re giving you troll bait. And it would have been the same for Expedition Bigfoot, hence the requirement on your part to big it up. You have made this little TV monster... you must now have it over for dinner. I hear these monsters particularly like eggs. Lots of eggs.

      What a sad little teenager trapped in an old fogey’s body you are. And I have to say, it I was on the end of so many lost debates, I’d be half tempted to sockpuppet too.

    6. Ah - "move the goalpost" Joetomi now has all the evidence he needs now that the "expedition" is over and has moved on. Let's see - an effort of (supposedly) 3 weeks in a Bigfoot hot spot area - check. The latest (supposedly) technical gear and resources - check. Primatologists and (supposedly) Bigfoot experts all claiming evidence was there - check. Gee - better move on now because our 3 weeks are up and Bigfoot has moved on (or more likely the contract is up). Seriously you have supposed evidence of continued presence of Bigfoot in the area and you decide to move out because the 3 weeks are up? You as a primatologist will pass up making the biggest discovery of your career because the program is over and your no longer on the payroll?

      Truth is I said the program was a joke from the beginning and predicted they would enter into the "woo" realm (which they did). I can't wait for your review to defend it. Bring it on.

      Now about that lack of a body.............

    7. I had the evidence to reference before Expedition Bigfoot, and I still have it outside of anything to do with the programme. I’ve not referenced the evidence from that programme once. Couldn’t really care. There is thermal and published sound recordings far better than anything I’m
      led to believe is in that series, that I’ve already referenced for years.

      And I don’t mind repeating it PS... Primatologists take years in the bush tracking and studying non-human primates. Some only get very fleeting glimpse of those animals for their efforts. There is nothing that can be pointed to as a comparison for what is commonly referred to as Bigfoot in the US. Might I add, primatologists studying this field can’t afford to give yo their day jobs. I’m pretty sure if someone was willing to find Mayor so she could still make her living she’d continue. You’d have to ask her I guess.

      And NOPE! You bigged it up, touted a world renowned primatologist and you’ll be reminded about it every day whilst you whine here like a little girl.

    8. PS tries just so hard but fails just like he failed at being a researcher and now he just cries like a toddler who has had his pacifier taken away . He's still in meltdown mode over the 2 primatologists destroying his fragile world . Time to get a new hobby boyo !
      he fills his daily life with rubbish and it shows


    9. Once again "move the goalpost" Joetomi tries to misconstrue what has been said to to make him look less foolish. He complains about the need for something and when it is done he cries more is needed. So how long is a reasonable time for a concerted effort in a Bigfoot "hot spot" with recent sightings and the latest technical gear needed to find a Bigfoot? A year? Two years? Or or we to believe something purported to be flesh and blood can never be found?

      "AnonymousWednesday, December 4, 2019 at 8:55:00 PM PST
      Acord: "With all episodes being filmed in one great, large piece of land, a trace of land, it offered a great opportunity to capture footage and experiences"......and cut down production costs - LOL!

      I will guarantee they will find something.....not that there is anything to find but they have to come up with something to keep viewers interested. With lack of anything solid they will turn to the paranormal for explanation just watch and see."

      Ha ha ha - I had their number even before it premiered! It turned out exactly as I predicted. Perhaps Joetomi can be their adviser on their next outing (depending on ratings) since he knows so much about them. Since he's the self-proclaimed Bigfoot expert they should be able to find one no problem with his guidance. He sure wouldn't have to worry about his day job - LOL.

    10. Who are you talking to PS? It’s creepy.

      “He complains about the need for something and when it is done he cries more is needed.”

      PS, would you like me to link you the innumerable threads spanning months, maybe years before Expedition Bigfoot where I have explained time and time and time again that mere weeks in the North American bush is not enough to track any form of primate? What’s audacious is you’re not only botching the meaning of the goalposts fallacy, but you’re resorting to a logical fallacy in making a strawman in the process. How long? Mr PS... and given that a primatologist was seemingly convinced in a matter of weeks... what might be achieved in the time frame it took to film the Billie Ape?

      And now they “need something to keep viewers hooked”, even though for YEARS you claimed Finding Bigfoot would never get pursue proof so as to “keep the myth alive”? Which one is it PS? Why wouldn’t Expedition Bigfoot follow your successful TV formula, it seemed to make the Finding Bigfoot crew famous?

      And PS, I’m not sure how sober you are, but I’m led to believe that the series appeared to find plenty of evidence that convinced a primatologist, and there was no requirement for them to turn to the paranormal?

      Nargh... the “number” you touted was a credible expedition crew with the latest tech in a Bigfoot hotspot.

      I could even start calling you Eggs.

    11. Why didn't the Expedition Bigfoot crew get samples for environmental DNA testing from the ground of the possible bigfoot footprint that they found?

      The fact that they didn't take samples there shows you that the whole show was scripted BS.

    12. No matter what is ever put forth "moving the goalposts" Joetomi has an explanation why Bigfoot is never found. If DNA samples come back human then Bigfoot is well....human. He always has an excuse because he just KNOWS Bigfoot is smarter, faster, stronger and has acute senses to avoid detection even though we have NEVER had a body to discern such. He is so thrilled to have one certified primatologist suggest the possibility of it existing that he accepts her conclusions blindly even though nothing substantial is produced.

      I always have to laugh when Joetimi brings up the Bili Ape to explain why Bigfoot is not been found. First of all they are found in remote forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo not close to American population centers as Bigfoot is sometimes reported to be. A civil war was occurring there at that time which makes any exploration a tad bit hazardous to one's health. Here in the states one can freely explore areas for them and if you check YouTube many are doing just that. They had an actual skull of one before the search even began which was different enough to warrant a search where we have no proven biological part of a Bigfoot. The Bili Ape for all practical purposes is simply a large chimpanzee which has enough differences to bring it attention so it was basically just overlooked. There is no mistaking Bigfoot (as reported) so how it can escape discovery during all the time the United States has populated is beyond reasonable explanation (except in Joetomi's world). In any case we definitely know the Bili Ape is real. Bigfoot? Not so much.

      You have called me everything else so why not "Eggs" too - LOL. We are all one and the same in your delusional mind.

    13. PS, you really hate getting spanked on here don't you ? you keep bringing up the same rubbish over and over again. Just stop it and quit while you still can . Find a new hobby to engage your childlike mind


    14. Who are you talking to PS? It’s bloody creepy old boy. Anybody would think you’re worried that someone might read what I’m publishing and think it rings true?

      Tut, tut, tut... when are you going to take responsibility for your shortcomings and understand that the areas of debate that you cannot account for are simply where you lose, old boy? It’s already been done. When multiple hair samples are collected from things like tree snaps, all morphologically congruent and are tested as human, then here in lies your result. Do you think that 12 hair samples that have their own morphology can be hoaxed? PS, if you spend about a week in the bush, and IN the bush, not in a camp ground... you become smarter to your environment, more understanding and faster in the terrain, you may become fitter and stronger over time and develop acute senses like better smell once you clean the remnants of the city out of your nostrils. That’s an average human such as yourself, let alone a hominin/hominid that has evolved in such environments. We know that recognised primates are smarter, faster, stronger and have acute senses to avoid detection... we know even chimps have been documented hiding their tracks, switching to nocturnal habits and maintaining their dead. These are not excuses, this is the behaviour documented over many years regarding primates. It doesn’t appear Mayor was so blind if she had the evidence to be convinced by, and that’s just another primatologist in the club. There are plenty already such as Redmond, Sarmiento, Mitterneier... even Goodall says she’s enthusiastic given the evidence and reports.

      And PS, more strawmen it seems. I’ve never drawn comparison on the Billie Ape to somehow argue why Bigfoot hasn’t been classified. I’ve merely used it as an example of a man sized ape being ignored my mainstream scientists until an adequate and well resourced, lengthy study was put together based on track casts and eyewitness reports. And for Bigfoot being reported by “population centres” we have every single last piece of evidence short of a body that dwarves that which the Billie Ape had at this point of research. We have archaic skulls documented in places native Americans have oral histories of hairy hominids. We have tracks casts and hair samples tested for DNA where these hominids have been reported for thousands of years and are still reported by those descended from Europeans. The Billie Ape is a man-sized primate, sometimes 6 foot tall, whether it be a man-sized chimp or a mix of chimp & gorilla (as first thought)... that still goes against every excuse you have as to why a man-sized primate can’t be classified in North America... and given the fact that there are three databases of reports, 80 years of track casts that yield average weight & heights ratios, footage, thermal, DNA, audio recordings... thousands of years of anthropological data... enthusiasts can merely point to more DNA being needed to see how close or distant they are to us in genes. That’s where we are with the current subject of “Bigfoot”, PS. It’s been discovered boyo, if something is real it is reported and it’s physical sign documented.

      You can special plead and botch and use as many other logical fallacies all you want... facts are facts boyo. Facts are simply facts.

    15. Oh... and by the way, how is Expedition Bigfoot linked to woo?

      You never seemed to explain.


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