Bigfoot Terrorizes Kentucky

Kentucky might be known for their race horses, but they also have their fair share of bigfoot activity. Check out this story.


  1. I've been waiting for definitive proof of the existence of bigfoot since the 1970s. I'm starting to think that maybe bigfoot is folklore and doesn't actually exist.

    1. One of your favourite claims. Except you’re fooling nobody with your failed crypto-blog, flunked efforts at field research and an encyclopaedic knowledge of YouTube channels.

    2. HaHAHA !! Another failed attempt by DS/PS ! Yup, you are fooling nobody fool.....except yourself. Go back to the yellow brick road path and follow it to the wizard and he will guide you to the tree of many bark creatures where you can take photos til your heart's content . Dogmen,pigmen, bearmen, goatmen, toadmen ...funny mate how you never get any female creatures ? muahahaha



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