Bigfoot In The Middle of the Road

Bigfoot is probably the most elusive creature on the planet, but even so, some people see them right in the middle of the road.


  1. As we all know death visits us in there's. First Brenton Sawin, then Tim Fasano. I think most everyone will get behind me when I say let's hope the third BF researcher is the much despised Jerry Cline.

    1. I'm holding out for Fraud Standing.

    2. I nominate The Germ and his sychophants. Karma will deal with him whether he or anyone else believes it. His entire podcast is predicated on his egregious BS encounter story which has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a lie. Anyone defending him is without ignorant or lazy. A woman who examined his fairy tale encounter destroyed his story completely on Reddit. POS is the kindest description I have of this con artist. He's another one along with Moneytaker whom I would love to be traumatized and slapped around by a BF.

  2. My perfect day.
    An original wish by a well known Doctor and Sasquatch hobbyist; Would it be too much to ask the gods to arrange for Fatt Moneytaker to hike alone looking for these magical monkeys and then THEY show up. After messing himself, the cowardly Moneytaker runs screaming like the sissy boy he is. Finally BF grabs him and goes all Weinstein on the poor bugger. Image in your mind of the day; Moneytaker bent over a large stump, pants and shorts pulled to his ankles. BF stands behind him and commits an act of sodomy whilst unconsciously braiding his hair. Soon the clan shows up and take interest in the spectacle and after much screaming and pushing form a semblance of order based on rank within the clan. The females twerk inches from his face and spread their hairy arse cheeks to stimulate him for what he dare not speculate. Having intercourse with a female BF somehow turns him on more than the Viagra handfuls he ingests daily. You could say he has stung to attention. A loud roar followed by guffaws and laughs ensue as they are privy to see his micropenis. Later Moneytaker steals some underwear from a clothes line and tries to blend in. The local deputy shows up and when MT makes a run for it he's shot in the back. (Kinda like the policy of LAPD. Damn dream!


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