Bigfoot Convention In Minnesota

The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team are hosting a bigfoot convention this spring in Minnesota.

After decades of researching bigfoot on his own, Hexum became a field researcher in 2016 with the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team. “I’m the oldest one of the group — they call me ‘Pops,’ but I can outwalk any of them,’” Hexum, 63, told the Hibbing Daily Tribune last month. In recent years, Hexum has appeared on Minnesota Public Radio episode, “Hunting for Bigfoot in northern Minnesota,” and he also works with authorities, collecting information from locals who report possible Sasquatch activity. But these days, when he’s not in the woods, his free time is spent in planning mode. This spring, the members of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team are set to host what they say will be the state’s first ever Bigfoot Conference. The three-day event is slated for May 22-24 at Timberlake Lodge in Grand Rapids. There will be a variety of speakers, vendors, food and mingling amongst fellow enthusiasts nicknamed “Squatchers.” Abe Del Rio, co-founder of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team, told the HDT the conference will mark his group’s 20th anniversary. “I saw it was a milestone and I want to do something big to celebrate what we've done — the radio shows we’ve been on, the newspaper articles, the TV shows — so I decided to do one heck of a birthday party. That’s when it came into my head to create a historic event.”

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