Woman Shares Bigfoot Sighting

From Squatchable.com:

My friend and I were fishing along the Rocky River in the Rocky River Reservation. We were up on a rock wall that was about eight feet above the river. We had been fishing there about two hours when we saw a herd of deer cross the river away from us. About five minutes later we could see something moving around in the woods directly across from where we were sitting (The River in this part of this reservation is about 20 feet across).

We just figured it was the deer and continued to fish. Then I realized that if that was a deer it would have to be really tall or standing on its hind legs. It looked as though it was trying to eat leaves off the trees. The sunlight caught its eyes and I realized it was looking forward at us with these glowing reddish orange eyes (glowing from the sunlight, and I'm not implying it possessed scary demon-eyes or something). As I was trying to figure out what this "deer" was doing, I realized it was starting to make its way out of the woods. This is when my friend and I realized it was not a deer at all.

For the full report, click here. 


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