Uncle Josh Presents The Squatch Detective

From the youtube channel Uncle Josh's True Scary Stories comes guest Steve Kulls, the Squatch Detective.


  1. The Uncle Josh Duggar. The evangelical Christian who molested his sisters, a babysitter and who was caught on the married hook up site "Ashley Madison" twice and who recently wascraided by Homeland Security?

  2. Hi mates- what did you think of the latest episode of expedition bigfoot ? it seems to have triggered some or should i say one particular unstable person (PS)
    World renown primatologist Russell Mittermeier looked at the thermal and concluded it was a big ape and nothing else. Get read to eat crow all you who laughed at this show. We know have an expert whose credentials are beyond reproach stated what i already knew but now you are hearing it from one of the leading experts out there ! it's game over ! check mate ! this is enough evidence to conclude bigfoot exists and didn't i tell you 2020 was going to be the year of the bigfoot ??? Luv it ! now i just need to see England win Euro and my year is made !


    1. I'm more concerned about Prince Harry being "heartbroken" over quitting the royal family -- and wife Meghan Markle pushing for Megxit because being a royal is "not working" for her, according to a report Monday.

    2. Lucky you have a big fat face to fit more egg on it, eh PS?


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