Teens Chased By Sasquatch

World Bigfoot Radio sits down with guest Michael Patterson to talk about his encounter when he was a teenager and was chased by bigfoot.


  1. Do a story on Jerry Cline. He getscattacked by BaG every time he leaves his house.

  2. Steve Kills is a member of the OTO.

  3. Gugwes, Mountain Giants and now Teens poor Puke#

  4. Puke never learns. Firts Scat Hansen now Mike Patterson the lying sack of manure.

  5. Greetings Brian. My family listens to your show for entertainment value and we like it but I have request; If you are going show hour face could you please give a warning so that I and other listeners could have a chance to move the young uns out of the room? The stories scare them enough and I shudder to imagine if they saw your face at the same time. Thanks Brenda

  6. Also my 2 and a half year old keeps saying "Bad man, bad man, bad man whenever you talk. Perhaps you should consider going to a church that frees you from demons?

  7. Rictor O Rictor
    Make love to Victor.
    Rictor my Rictor
    Make me learn
    How to "turn on"
    That Lizard

    I try to see Squatches outside
    But all I see is my own Pride
    Please shut up and watch
    You see
    I am Doctor Squatch.

  8. KABOOM KABOOM it's my trademark
    While others may howl and bark
    I have the goods as you will see
    Photos of a red circled tree.

    Colorado Bigfoot also gains a nod
    For showing a legitimate flying rod.
    My videos are not for rookies or trolls
    They are best suited for experts with kind souls.

    Reo Reo you've lost the plot
    Too much adderal
    Not enough pot
    The feds may have come
    I hope you saved a memory card
    In your bum.

    Jerry Cline
    Not much to say
    If you fag Bug
    Will he become gay?


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