Bigfoot Steals Granny's Underware

What would a bigfoot want with granny panties and a bra? Check out the story.


  1. The question has been asked here previously "What do you think of Expedition Bigfoot?" Having the chance to see the last two episodes on demand I would say it's going exactly as the producers have intended. Does anyone actually believe they are going to produce a show about a Bigfoot expedition and not produce results to keep the viewers enthralled? If they need "experts" to back up what they are trying to present they will find them. If they need "evidence" to back up what they are trying to present they will produce it. They will script the show to lead the viewer to exactly where they want. It's entertainment folks and it's not free to produce. No results means no viewers.

    They showed Bob "The Godfather" Gimlin (in his finest cowboy garb) offering his opinion (of course the thermal blobsquatch is a Bigfoot) and that of course settles it's a bona fide Bigfoot. Bob chooses his words carefully but teeters on the edges of declaring Bigfoot paranormal. By the way -who knew Apaches occupied the northwest?

    I'm betting that by the last episode the series will take a paranormal slant to explain why they can't come up with absolute proof. You can pencil in all the graphics on a blobsquatch you like but that still proves nothing without an actual body.

    1. Nice to see you are tuning in every week . They got your attention PS. Keep watching boyo, meltdown will follow son afterwards


    2. It’s full-blown essay mode now! Jesus, get a grip of yourself old boy.

      This after YEARS of asserting that TV shows like Finding Bigfoot can’t show results so as to “keep the myth alive”... you flip flop worse than Jeremy Corbyn.

      CuriousWednesday, June 15, 2016 at 1:59:00 PM PDT
      The general public mainly makes it's decision (pro or con)in a short time based on shows like Finding Bigfoot or the occasional documentary.

      This is why you’re spinning out so much PS, you invest so much of your belief on what’s broadcast at you through TV.

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