Bigfoot in Sweden Drag Kids From Treehouse

A young man from Sweden shares his story about being dragged from a treehouse by a group of angry bigfoot.


  1. Mama mia , here they go again
    bigfoot, dragging me astray
    they must be ABBA fans


  2. It's stories like these that make the Bigfoot community look stupid and foolish. Believers should use their rancor against ridiculous stories such as these instead of supporting or staying passively silent when these come up. These type of stories gives skeptics easy ammunition to discredit ALL Bigfoot accounts. If supporters of these types of stories maintain they have credibility then they deserve all the ridicule that comes their way.

  3. I have for some time that Chris Noel is a government agent or provocateur if you will. Please I'm urging all footed to blackout all information to this rat asap.

  4. Bigfoot have been using mindspeak with Keewanee Tonsilitis, Led Proud, O have experienced mindspeak from a British BF named Nigel. He has a British accent.

  5. Svenska Bigfoot är några av de elakaste och orneriest Bigfoot av dem alla. Speciellt när du fastnar i deras lekstuga.


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