Bigfoot Group Presents Their Findings

From the Bigfoot Xplorer group on youtube:

Join us tonight as we discuss our findings from our most recent Mission to Kisatchie National Forest. Also, we discuss when the new video will come out as well as our plans for 2020! Thank you!


  1. And in conclusion...NOTHING.

    Could have been anything. Next

    1. aren't you done yet ? 2020 is here and you still have the same tired line that you've been using for the past 6 years ! i'll bet your luv life is just as stale. Nothing to see mate, now KINDLY SHOVE OFF !!!


    2. ^ SAME old shite from the same VERY OLD and TIRED old fogey...nothing new in his stocking was there...not unless it was one of his pervy pals in his cross-dressing parade.

      Do us a favour JoTomi...fecj off ya` prize berk.


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