Bigfoot Creature In Japan

From the website, a story about a possible bigfoot creature in Japan.

Tales of strange and elusive apes of the unknown kind abound. Of course, the most famous one of all is Bigfoot of the vast forests of the United States. The Abominable Snowman – or the Yeti – of the Himalayas is equally well known. Australia has the man-beast known as the Yowie. Sumatra is said to be the home of the Orang Pendek, which is said to be a relatively small unknown ape that walks upright. Reports of large apes – often violent ones – have surfaced out of South America. And the wilds of Russia are said to be the domain of the Almasty. You don’t, however, get too many reports from Japan. There are some, though, as you will now see. It’s time to take a trip back in time to the 1970s. In August 1973, a strange and sensational story surfaced in the media that put an entirely new slant on the nature of monsters. Some of them may be the products of radioactive contamination! Or, so we are told, at least! The story went as follows:

“A dreadful, real-life ‘monster’ that looks like an ape and smells like decaying flesh has been observed by several reliable witnesses in the mountains of Japan, near Hiroshima. The creature may be the product of a mutation from the deadly atomic radiation unleashed when the first A-Bomb was dropped on that city more than a quarter-century ago, according to some investigators. Eyewitness reports indicate that the monster lurks amid the low shrubbery clinging to the foothills of Mt. Hiba. The area, one of the few wildernesses that teeming nation has preserved, includes Hibayama National Park.” The article continued: “A typical sighting of the creature is reported by one Mr. Sazawa, the owner of a dry-goods store near the town of Saijo. Mr. Sazawa was scrambling through the foothills digging wild sweet potatoes when he saw the thing.”

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