Bigfoot and Beyond With...

Cliff and Bobo of the Bigfoot and Beyond podcast are joined by guest Shane Corson to talk all things sasquatch.


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  2. Breaking News:

    Of the 500,000 animals killed in the Australia bush fires not one has been a Yowie.

    1. "Certainly, large animals, like kangaroos or emus - many birds, of course - will be able to move away from the fire as it approaches," he told BBC Breakfast.

      "I guess it's the less mobile species and the smaller ones that depend on the forest itself that are really in the firing line."

    2. PS is devoid of any logic. Clearly a super intelligent creature like Yowie hasn't survived this long by putting itself in danger


  3. Did you ever notice that they talk about bigfoot but never actually have proof of a bigfoot?

    1. What they have proof of, is an archaic foot coming into contact with the ground, from a subject that is almost twice the size of us silly old civilised humans.

      Don’t like it, do summin about it. Because a lack of process to prove the existence of something does not mean that something doesn’t exist.


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